your computer is about to crash is a scam

Sandra Lee Matts | Report Scams
11 Oct 2012

Did u know that company in Africa can pose as any company they wan2 ‘like Microsoft’ then tell u there’s a support team in India, or anyplace else in the world, and they can call u and tell u “ur computer has sent them an alert (or a report) that your computer is about to crash” within minutes. They can tell u that ur CPU warranty has expired, and for only $20.00 u can have it renewed to save u $200.00 in repairs. They will show u there online credentials using ur local cable service online site address making u believe there legit, and then scam u, and did u know the African Law protects them from having legal action pressed against them? ((They can do this to u and get away with it legally.)) Infact they can say there any company they wan2 be! But here is the bad part. Now that they are in ur system, they can steal ur online identity, go in to ur bank account, and take money, (BUT) as long as they never got ur ssn(SS#). they can not steal ur personal identity. They can do a Western Union Money Transfer out of ur creditcard straight into their pocket w/o leaving a trace and get away with it!

Did u know that? If u say “YES, I wan2 buy the warranty to protect my computer, they’ll ask for ur credit card number. Now that they have ur number and the 3 digit security code. they have u at their mercy! u need to call ur bank and have ur account closed and issue new cards asap‼

This same group is the same one who is going around on facebook posing as u or ur friend, and posting nasty post, picture, porn, and many other nasty post in ur GOOD NAME! Not only are they trying to scam u online anymore Because ((NOW THEY are calling u on the phone!!!))

your computer is about to crash is a scam Sandra Lee Matts


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