www .yavidz. com is hacker scam website

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10 Feb 2013

There is an identity theft hacker scam going around on Facebook

Is this u in this video on facebook John? Who posted this of you? Wow Skip to 1:44 ! Type in without spaces and search your name on www .yavidz. com

Austin Wat are u doing in this viideo? Hamilton? Who uploaded this of you? Hah! Skiip to 1:51 ! Type in without spaces and search ur name on www .yavidz. com

there are actually 2 websites yavids is blocked by chrome but yavidz with a “z” is new and not found out about and it looks just like facebook

DO NOT GO TO THE LINK www.yavidz.com or the hacker will gain access to your computer, files, and any information you transmit over the internet!!! This is the message that I received and there are several floating around from various bogus account names – Please beware and delete and ban these immediately – again, DO NOT go to the website www .yavidz. com!

www .yavidz. com is A scam,a hoax, a fraud, A snake, A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit and fake website.

www .yavidz. com is hacker scam website



  1. Samara Flores says:

    Everybody had been telling me what I’ve been doing in a video and I don’t know what they are talking about

  2. Prakash vidya says:

    My funniest vedios are there,i do not know,please block it

  3. gilda barbadh says:

    I am being asked what am I doing in this video? What is going on?

    • aman says:

      i got a message that m i in the video and so when check i don’t know they were talking about……………..

  4. gilda barbadh says:

    What is going on?

  5. jessica says:


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