www.wahvid.com is not real and fake website

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12 Mar 2013

I just got thee comment shit through one of my nephews friends likee this

Dear jonny yoou are in thiss videoo on facebook Jonny, skip to 1:43 omg lol! ttype in with-outt spacces:D www .wahvid. com

Youu arein thiss video on faceebook … —- , skipp too 1:44 omg lol ! Typee thiss in with-out spacess :D www.wahvid.com

It’s a virus SPAM going around to everyone.

Just curious,I visited www.wahvid.com and it directs me to a bogus facebook login page where they are asked to enter my facebook password.

DO NOT GO THERE www.wahvid.com.Do not check it out because its just a scam.

.. your virus protection should prevent that if it is good and set up properly but not everyone has it.

www.wahvid.com is a WEB FORGERY address … designed to steal personal information including your passwords from your computer.

www.wahvid.com is A scam,a hoax, a fraud, A snake, A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true and illegal website.

www.wahvid.com is not real and fake website



  1. umm says:


  2. jacob says:

    I’m so fucking mad

  3. SnundwepHen says:

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