www .wahvid. c0m is a fake and weird website

Victorias | Report Scams
13 Mar 2013

If you get a message saying

Omg u are in tthis viddeoo on facebook Nick, skip to 1:45 omg lol! ttype in (with-outt|witthout|wiithout} spacces:D www .wahvid. c0m

Omg u (yoou|Youu) are in thiss (thiis|tthis) viddeo (viddeoo) on facebook Lexii, skip to 1:45 (1:44|1:40|1:41|1:42|1:43) omg! (omgg! omg lol!) ttype (tyype) this in without(with-outt|witthout|wiithout) spaces|spacces:D www .wahvid. c0m

i went to web site www.wahvid.com which leads me straight to www.fiziboakzz.com.www.fiziboakzz.com is a phishing page which asked me to log in my facebook account.

They are trying to steal your Facebook account and gain access to your emails.

Do not go there!

www .wahvid. c0m is A scam,a hoax, a fraud, A Liar,not true,not real,not legit,crap,bogus,illegal and Phony website.

I think I was hacked so if you receive a post on checking out a video please delete and ignore. Thank you!

If you do go there, change your Facebook password immediately!

www .wahvid. c0m is a fake and weird website


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