www.supportplaza.com is not real and weird website

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3 Mar 2013

Attention facebook friends please read this it is real and yes i got a call…if someone gets into ur computer they can get all of your information, even the information you use through the internet….
I received a phone call today from a man saying his name was Alex and that he was from Windows Support & Service. He said my computer might be infected through a Windows program that was installed in my computer. He was very frantic and kept trying to get me to enter info into my computer. He wanted me to hit the windows key and R. Then the program box should show up and I was supposed to type EVENTVWR into the program box. Obviously, I refused and asked for his supervisor’s number. The number which he was calling from was 786-664-7971. I called it and it said disconnected, yet he kept calling from that number because it came up on my caller ID.
The number he gave me was 1-866-856-4811 and the website he gave me was http://www.supportplaza.com.

www.supportplaza.com is a scam,a hoax, a fraud, A snake, A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit website! Please do not fall for it. I have called Windows Support to inform them of this and was told that they have been getting calls about this for a few days now. I hope this info is helpful. Have a wonderful day.

www.supportplaza.com is not real and weird website

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  1. Thomas says:

    Thanks for posting this. I just got a call from them. The caller ID said SKYPE and originates out of Miami. I answered the call three times and got dead air, which is a sign of a computer mass dialing machine. First of all, I didn’t believe someone could detect a virus on my computer without my permission so I was immediately suspicious. The person I talked to was very aggressive about getting access to my computer, which I refused until doing a web search in case of a scam. The only way to battle a scam is to make it public.

  2. Martin Luther says:

    Hi, Thank you for your posting. I did not know if this was a scam. I got a call from them they worked on my computer for 4 hours . They were not able to understand how to fix the problem. Then a supervisor came on call and he again took 35 minutes. Finally they were able to fix the problem but it took very long time for them… I wonder how they got to know my computer was crashed down..


  3. Janis Jones says:

    I am dealing with a virus connected to longfintuna and I have been working on my computer for days to fix it. I have been receiving phone calls and finally answered today to a foreign accented male name John Miller with support plaza aka windows support. Phone # 866-856-4811. Of course I denied accessing the web page and asked to be removed from the call list. If anyone has their browser automatically changed to Animal, you have this longfintuna virus and I think these guys are the cyber criminal. Beware!

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