www .RaspDiet. com is a darm scam website

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25 Nov 2012

Here’s another one of those comments that are not real! DO NOT CLICK, ON IT!
It is posted by a Facebook, “bug”. It is always the same comment, under differemt people’s names. Those people, don’t even know, that it has been posted. If you click on the comment, it will start posting this message under your name, too!

Here, is the latest…posted, on my #3 Daughter’s wedding site:

Gerard Bush: Awesome news Heather, I’m already 18 pounds lighter! For the past month I have dropped so much extra weight. I’ve been using these new Raspberry drops I saw on Dr Oz. It worked for me, hope you like it too :D Check this site out, type in without spaces —> www .RaspDiet. com

I opened www.Raspdiet.com and my account was hacked! I’m not on raspberry drops to lose weight although its not a bad idea………please don’t open anything that was sent from me..I DID NOT POST THESE…RASPBERRY WEIGHT LOSE DROPS OR SOMETHING…

www.RaspDiet.com is a scam , a fraud,rip off,not real,not legit website.

Everyone, please…check your “liked” pages and delete all, that you don’t absolutely trust. Most “bugs”, like this come from clicking on the wrong thing. Get rid of it! If it persists…change your Facebook password. It works wonders, on all kinds of problems!

Again…. If, you see this comment…DON’T CLICK ON IT! I don’t care who’s name it is posted under!



  1. Sahil d rathod says:

    Thanx a lot cause i was been troubled wit this thanx a lot

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