www.pics97.com is a crap website

Robin | Report Scams
21 Nov 2012

To all of the people who are getting messages about logging into a site called pics97[dot]com to see some picture of yourself “that you’ve probably forgotten”: Please don’t be an idiot and log into the fake Facebook page that pops up.Don’t try & go to pics97.com & its a virus, it gives someone i guess all your personal information.I received the same message and when I went to see it Norton kicked me out..

JUST DONT DO IT!DON’T RISK IT! JUST SAY NO! www.pics97.com is a scam to get your credentials.

Most of the posts I’ve seen are either messages or wall posts like the following:

hey, go to pics97 dot com and search for “Insert Name Here” then click on the first photo.. I bet you didn’t remember that, eh?

www.pics97.com is a crap website


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