www.nomorerack.com is a damn scam and a completely ripoff website

Shanon | Report Scams
3 Jan 2013

Nomorerack (www.nomorerack.com) is a damn scam and i ordered from them and my order never showed up it was a damn 99 cent order! they als put and $4 credit on my account and everytime i logged to buy something the credit was not there. i had them reload it like 3 times and i finally just sent a screw you letter. i tried to win something on one of thier crazy sells got it paid for it and then like a weeks later said sorry we are out of stock and had a hell of a time getting a refund.

Katie bought a tablet off of nomorerack.com once and it came fairly quick but the quality wasn’t nearly as good as she had thought it would be.She was very disappointed.

Stephanie had a similar situation except they cancelled his order and took the money. He spent on that particular order and gave him a “credit” then did it to him again on another order….that was it..

Sarah have a pending issue with saveology in regards to the gas card promo www.nomorerack.com had. She called in and confirmed and nomorerack.com said that it would arrive in a week and it has been 3 months!! and nomorerack kept my money.. emailed and posted comment online and nothing!!

I hate NoMoreRack. nomorerack.com is a rip off,a hoax, a fraud,A snake, A Liar,not safe,not reliable and illegal website!

www.nomorerack.com is a damn scam and a completely ripoff website


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