www.Mazbux.com is a scam ptc website

faty | Report Scams
23 Nov 2012

www.mazbux.com is a scam ptc site that is fake and not paying!

when my account reach the minimum cashout and then my cashout saying “Payouts are disabled for today.”

I have try 2 cashout every day but the same msg as always

therefore www.mazbux.com IS A scam,a fraud,rip off,illegally website!

www.Mazbux.com is a scam ptc website


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  1. ang says:

    yes my money now is 20 eur.
    and this: Payout request refused
    The payout maximum for your account is 110% of your investment. As your investment is €0.00, the maximum amount you can request here is €0.00.

    stupid Mazbux i hate!
    NO invest
    No click
    No wait Dayz

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