www .lowvideos. c0m is a phishing spam and virus scam website

Michelles | Report Scams
6 Apr 2013

Well woke up this morning and had a scam posted on my fb.

Omg u are in thiis viddeo on facebook Yolande, skip to 1:41 omg! ttype in (with-outt|witthout|wiithout} spacces:D www .lowvideos. c0m

Omgg (Omg) youu (u) are in tthis (thiis | thiss) viddeo (videoo | viddeoo) on facebook Brooke, skip to 1:44 (1:40 | 1:41 | 1:42 | 1:43 | 1:45) omg lol! (omgg! | omg!) tyype (ttype) this in (with-outt|witthout|wiithout} spaces:D (sspaces:D | spacces:D) www .lowvideos. c0m

Out of anger, frustration and finally curiousity,I went to www.lowvideos.com and it redirected to website http://www.fizibookkz.com/indexv2.php which is a fake facebook login page.If I typed my facebook password on the website www.fizibookkz.com and it will steal my password.

Scammers create FAKE Facebook pages that look like our real ones in order to fool people.

Don’t fall for it ppl.Dont do it!!!

Heads up.

www .lowvideos. c0m is A scam,a hoax, a fraud,A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true,not real and fake website.

www .lowvideos. c0m is a phishing spam and virus scam website


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