www.freelotto.com is a scam and not legit website

Cara | Report Scams
8 Dec 2012

Just received a sms on the mobile that I have won 1 million pounds. It asks me to email them immediately. It is a British lottery # 2012. It is from www.freelotto.com and the it says to email 12prfr1@gmail.com.

Now I did not sign up fior anything like this. Is this legit or is it a hoax and scam like all the other things out there. Funny, I don’t know who or how they got my mobile number. So I am asking those in England if it is a legitimate thing.

http://www.freelotto.com/fraudSample.asp The freelotto site says they get a fair few fraudulent emails sent, claiming to be from them. There are some examples on that link. I also reckon that gmail address would be a rather odd one for them to use … wouldn’t a legit message be from $name@freelotto.com?

www.freelotto.com is a scam,a fraud,not legit and fake website.

www.freelotto.com is a scam and not legit website


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