www .FastRasp. com is a weird and marketing SCAM website

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20 Mar 2013

this shit got me annoyed already.- IM GOING SHOOT SOMEONE LOL ->

Im already 18 poundss lighter! Ive been using this new intense tasty drops by Oprah that Claire showed me. I’m proof this works. Type in this site with no spaces —->www .FastRasp. com

Im soo (so | really) happy (excited) Keyla, I am (Im) like (already) 23 (13|14|15|16|17|18|19|20|21|22|24|25) poundss (pounds) thinner (lighter)! Ive been trying out (using) these (this) brand new awesome (strong | powerful | intense) natural (tasty) drops by Dr.Oz (DrOZ | Oprah) that Ur mom showedd (showed) me. I am (I’m) proof that this works. Type in this website (web-site | site) withoutt (without | with out | with no) spaces —->www .FastRasp. com maybe u should try some

Angel I have lost 18 pounds ! For the past couple weeks I have lost a lot of weigght. I have been using these new Rasp-berry droppss I saw on TV, It actually worked for me, let me know how well it works for you:D Check out the website, type in with out spacces —> www .FastRasp. com

OKAY, YOU’RE “EXCITED” about some natural cow droppings or whatever that made you lose a pregnancy’s worth of weight by Dr.Oz who clearly is some ratchet-ass community college drop-out. FastRasp sounds like a condom brand, too. Thanks for spamming me with your false promises.

if you see this on your wall.Block right away.

It’s a scam to hack into someones account.

I was Really curious about www .FastRasp. com.so I went on the website www.FastRasp.com then it redirected me to www.24foxnws.com which asked me to buy Raspberry Ultra Drops. Raspberry Ultra Drops is a scam weight loss diet.

My account and others have been hacked and I am having a problem reporting it to FB. Please forgive the spams that are on your pages as I don’t know how they got onto pages that I’m not even friends with some of you. What a waste of time and energy these jerks find pleasure creating havoc to our pages.

www .FastRasp. com is A scam,a hoax, a fraud, A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true,not real and fake website.

Please pass this on an report this abuse to FB. Thanks!

www .FastRasp. com is a weird and marketing SCAM website


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