www .EzRasp .com spam on facebook

Edward | Report Scams
2 Feb 2013

i got a scam on my facebook. its driving me insane sending it to EVERYONE.

I have lost 18 pounds Brady! For the past couple weeks I have lost a lot of weight. I have been taking these new Rasp-berry drops I saw on DrOz. Cant believe how well it worked, let me know how it works for you:D Check out the website, type in with no spacess —> www .EzRasp .com

Im already 18 pounds lighter! For the past feww weeks I have lost so much weight. I have been using these new Raspberry drops I saw on TV. It actually worked for me, let me know how it works for you:D Check the site out, type in with no spaces —> www .EzRasp. com

Ezrasp has been spamming all over my Facebook and it is causing trouble for me and everyone else it has been spamming even when I tried to stop it and get out of it when I never even touched or heard of this site it wouldn’t let me.

If you click on ezrasp.com it hacks your facebook account and posts stuff without your premmition. it then comments on all your friends posts and tells them to go to www.ezrasp.com.

www .EzRasp. com is a MAJOR FACEBOOK SCAM and SPAMMING SHIT.This thing is spamming peoples facebook accounts when none of them went on this website or even knew about this kind of website.

www .EzRasp .com spam on facebook


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  1. Alisha strunk says:

    I want to lose weight really bad how can I do it

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