www.bestbuycontest.com winning code is a WARNING SCAM

Brenda Clinton | Report Scams
8 Oct 2012

Brenda Clinton,lives in Elk River, MN .

I just got a message on my cell. It told me, my entry last month has WON $1000 bestbuy gift card! Go to www.bestbuycontest.com and enter this winning code # they gave me. Upon going to the site www.bestbuycontest.com, (not believing, because it’s been 10 min since I was there) A warning from Best Buy came up. It states WARNING SCAM Do Not Open! so in turn I said Thank You Best Buy for being on top of things! This is one reason I never enter drawings.

www.bestbuycontest.com is a scam,a fraud,rip off and liar web site.

www.bestbuycontest.com winning code is a WARNING SCAM Brenda Clinton



  1. Jordan says:

    Just got the same text MSG called the number sprint voice mailbox full of course nothing real about it

    • Rob says:

      Lemme guess the winning number is #8372?
      Just got the same one last night at 4:00am.

    • Dee Daniel says:

      I just got the same message!!! It’s 10.30 pm Oct 27 2012 my claim num was 6207. I am filing a suit against them for way more then my 1000$$ Keep your message and go to a lawyer. My dad is a Judge and say’s you can sue them as long as you have the message.

  2. burberry outlet says:

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  3. jane doe says:

    Just recieved that today !the number was (951) 536-8777 winning code 6425 .

  4. Jager says:

    Mine came from a (714) area code – southern California, Orange County, on Verizon, and since I know I haven’t entered any contests in the last six months, and never use that phone number when I do, of course I was wary.

  5. Susan says:

    I received a call this morning, a tex saying I had won a $1000 gift card and to enter the code 6207 phone # 909-973-7076 this should be stopped, so unfair to people.

  6. jeff says:

    just got that text today that i won code #p9hz3 from 1-951-965-3703.

  7. Dee Daniel says:

    I got one too!! 10:30pm Oct.27 2012 my claim num was #6207 and it came from a 714-616-6158 num. My is a Judge and says you can sue them for way n=more then the 1000$$$ so keep the message and go see a lawyer cuz you can sue them pants off them!!

  8. Tong says:

    just got one today from 9519653689 with the same message above … definitely it is a scam, this needs to be stopped….we should have someone from the government to take action about this type of scam. This seems to me like a robbery…

  9. micky says:

    Daniel Dee – your dad may be a judge but you are a fool. You have no basis to sue. Go back to kindergarten.

  10. Brandy says:

    Got a text from 804-389-6606 saying (Attn: Va Best Buy shopper, your entry has won! Go to http://bestbuyrwdz.com/?334 and enter code 7757 to claim your $1000 gift card!)

  11. Tracey Hall says:

    My 12 yr old daughter received same message today. Said her claim # is 6207 and go to BestBuyContest.com. Told her it was a scam. I later received a text message that said “Best Buy Rewards Member number XXXXX! Complete our Yearly list to get Free an Ipad MINI gift . This has got to be the other scam that they are running. We are both going to hold on to our messages for awhile. I want to know how to report this to someone. Guess I’ll talk to our sheriff’s department about this.

  12. Debbie says:

    Mine came from 909-973-5847, code 6207

  13. K says:

    551-579-7525 winning code was 2119

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