www.allaboutthebaby.com is not real and illegal website

Ashle | Report Scams
8 Feb 2013

Hey guys just wanted to share this scam warning from a fan with you:
There is a new/old scam out there that I wanted to tell you so you could tell your fans. The company is called “All About The Baby” They call you all hours of the day and night trying to give you $10 in free baby products, part of the problem is they say you signed up for it, when there’s a 99% chance you didn’t. I am not even expecting a child nor do I have one yet. I reported them to the FCC myself, but I wanted to get their info out their and get it spread that they are trying to scam people. This is their website http://www.allaboutthebaby.com/ and they call from many numbers but I happen to have two of them 845-764-9444 and 845-694-7045.
Oooo…that number calls me 15 times a day!!! I never answer, but that explains it!

I never knew it was a scam until now so I am glad she passed this along. After the 1st time I answered and told them no thanks but they keep calling. Do you get emails too because I do but I just delete them.

I am going back through my phone and blocking the #s now.

www.allaboutthebaby.com is A scam,a hoax, a fraud, A snake, A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit website.

www.allaboutthebaby.com is not real and illegal website


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  1. Kimberly says:

    My namr is kimberly and i gave my info thin mi ukelele ng it was a company that sends ne samples about formulas.. this number been calling me 253 292 6557 about me giving them some credit card number.. how can i report then about beinh scan..

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