www.48ipad.com is a phishing spam and virus scam website

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22 Mar 2013

48ipad.com i am tired of seeing a picture of an iPad almost everywhere i go saying

My sexy apple ipad 3!
Guys this online store is messing up.I recieved a free ipad and was never askd to pay! This is the second time I placed an order. The 1st one arrived via mail already.Hurry before they fix it!
Go here:www.48ipad.com

I’m really curious what free sexy apple ipad 3 is like right now.So I entered the website www.48ipad.com which ask me All participants will receive a free iPad-3 after sign up.To participate in our iPad-3 quality test please Click here.

So I clicked the link and it brought me to a website branddealonline.com which told me to type my email and personal information such as DOB,cell phone,name,address etc.

We live in 2013, i’m pretty sure you are not giving away free iPad’s to the Facebook community. Sick and tired of seeing iPad’s everywhere i go.

to those who want a free ipad and are gulible enought to go to 48ipad.com you are in for a bad time. it is a virus. dont freaking do it.

www.48ipad.com is A scam,a hoax, a fraud, A snake, A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true,not real and fake website.

www.48ipad.com is a phishing spam and virus scam website

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