won a prize in facebook freedom lottery is a big scam

Glen Marlow | Report Scams
12 Oct 2012

hello all my friends
((warning))do not be friend the name ….holly herlish .its a scam..thay have hacked into my friends ((( christine joy karlie )))computer,and told her friends that thay had won a prize in facebook freedom lottery…chris’s computer has been down for a week ,when i saw her name on chat site i started talking to her (( i thought )she told me she had won $ 50,950.00 …and that my name was on the list,i was given a web site…http//www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003925724452&ref=tn-tnmn. do not contack big scam….thay will ask you to send money to claim your prize with westen union…if you receave this message report it to facebook,thay are good i really thought i was talking to …chris..then i rang her to find she wasn’t even home, rang her mobile and she didn’t know what i was talking about…please pass this urgent message on to your facebook friends …thank you…

won a prize in facebook freedom lottery is a big scam Glen Marlow


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  1. mark hawke...nz says:

    I was told on facebook by a friend of my sister that my name was on a list she had seen when they delivered her cheque for $75000..I was asked to pay $1200 then my money will be payed in 2 days…I just need to know if I was chatting to the right person…will get phone numbers…they want me to send the money to a man in…you guessed it…NIGERIA….LoL

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