Watch for fake and scam website www .TapVids. com

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18 Jan 2014

Beware these scam post,

bogus link www .TapVids. com tries to phish your facebook

Omg wat are u doinggg in this viddeoo? Skip to 1:29, its on ——> www .TapVids. com
What we were doing in this viddeo? Skipp to 1:29, u will see it at ——> www .TapVids. com
Lol are u in this viddeo? Skipp to 1:30, at ——> www .TapVids. com
saw u in a video, skip to 1:45 –> Tapvids. com
wat are u doing in this vvideeo? Skip to 1:32, at ——> www .TapVids. com

No you didn’t !! BLOCKED. STAWP it SPAM.

If anyone receives these message to look at “www .TapVids. com” Do not put your info in, it is a Spam hacked flow.
Don’t go to a site called “www .TapVids. com” . don’t click on it because it’s a scam .Someone is Trying to put out a virus.

who gonna go check this www .TapVids. com spam for me?
No one.So I need to do it my self and took me to which is a fake facebook phone login page.I was sent this on my page and if it’s sent to you and wasn’t sent from me.
Scammers create FAKE Facebook pages that look like our real ones in order to fool people.

www .TapVids. com is A scam,a hoax, fraudster,con,not safe,thieve,not legit,weird websie.

Watch for fake and scam website www .TapVids. com

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