Was this a scam

Diane Rupert | Report Scams
22 Sep 2012

Needed to have the valve and flapper mechanism replaced in my toliet tank. I’ve actually done this myself a number of years ago, but I’ve been a little challenged lately, so I thought I would call a plumbing service. I mean, how much could it cost? The company said they charge $29 for the service call, and only charge by the job, not by the hour (where they may have a minimum of a one hour charge). Well, the part cost is from $13 to $16 dollars depending on the site, and it took him about 5 minutes to do the job, but we did chit chat a bit, so he was here maybe 20 minutes, tops! Soooo, I expected a bill of about $80.00. Wow, was I in for a shock. He said your total is $238.05 ma’am. I just blurted out with a John McEnroe reaction, “you can’t be serious”, and the guy said to me, “well, if you purchase our insurance program that would cover your heat, AC, and plumbing, that would cost $398.00 for the policy, and “only” $214.00 for the repair to your toliet. So, for a mire $612.00 I would have a nice working toliet, and a year “insurance policy”. I kindly declined his insurance offer, paid the bill, and wanted him out of my place ASAP. Next day I called the home office and we have haggled for the last 4 or 5 days. Today the company rep told me they would refund $80. So I still paid $158.00 for a job I should have done, and will do in the future. Was this a scam???? Or are plumbers being paid $200 an hour??

I will never just go to the internet and call a nice looking webpage. I may also call the BBB.org just to alert them that this companies main sales pitch is for their insurance program, and most people already know that those programs give these companies almost 100% profit.

Was this a scam



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