VIVANT is a scam company

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23 Aug 2013

Warning!!! I am completely UNGLUED!
I receive a phone call at 10pm last night, from my nephew who is staying with my mom. He informs me there is a man at her house selling her a home security system.
Yes! At 10pm!!
Obviously I leave my house to go check this out.
The man is on foot! No car in the driveway other than my moms. Says there was no place to park even tho there was 4 available places to park!!
Ok, without goin into details as to everything I said to this Nick Brown, from Idaho might I add, he had already taken down my moms bank information and her drivers license number. After several times of me telling him I wanted all paperwork in his hands and him telling me that her copies were on the table, I managed to retrieve his original copies as well. When asked for his tax ID number, instead of him telling me the number, he asks me where I work. Ok what does my employment have to do with ur tax ID number?! He tells me he has his badge number.
Ok that won’t work with me!!
As conversation went on, I informed him I would check out his company and would also contact BBB. He tries to talk me out of contacting them cause it will cost me money. He then tries to show me a YOUTUBE video to influence me about his company. I acted interested but of course you all know that there are usually comments under a YOUTUBE video so I clicked on them as he was telling me that I shouldn’t cause the Internet was slow.
Ha!! I did it anyways! And wow!! The very first comment is that this company is a scam!! When u receive ur refund check from it, it’s drawn on a bank account that doesn’t exist!! He informs me that he’s already called in her bank . i told him that all my mother needed was a gun and let him know she has a permit to carry one. He left shortly after this. Sorry for such a long story. I tried to make it short.
I hate those that scam people out of their money, especially those taking advantage of the elderly.

This has got to stop!!

Even if his company is legit, he has no business knocking on my moms door or anyone else’s for that matter, at such a late time.

This was awful! And taking up my whole morning cause now I’m dealing with the bank!
This has consumed my entire morning not to mention the lack of sleep from being so ticked off!!

Please and I beg you all, inform your parents, neighbors, family, friends, coworkers!!
Feel free to share this on your page!! This could have been really bad.

VIVANT is a scam company

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