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8 Nov 2013

I am getting lots of invites on

There is a new company out there called circumnews. Get paid to read news articles as well as $9 to refer others and 10% of whatever they make. The legitimacy of it is iffy and I don’t know whether anyone has been paid, but isn’t that the case with all these companies? It costs nothing to sign up and they only ask for an email address and paypal account number. It is risk free and you have nothing to lose.

I just joined the and just finished all two stories ready for more.two sorry it was fifteen.

To everyone- CircumNews is a scam! Even though it’s free, it will not pay you out, yet update the articles.
Familiar free program who is just looking for email leads.

They want you to recruit people, yet not pay you anymore for reading articles.
I believe that is a red flag of people wanting email leads and spam your inbox.

What pisses me off about sites like CircumNews and pay to see ads sites is that there are lots of ppl in marketing struggling to make money, and then they get promised to make hundreds or thousands a day/ week for free. That is BS, and I just want to kidney punch these people who do that. It’s a sin!

Pass it on to all your marketing peeps!

spam website recruit people


  1. Missy says:

    I signed up after seeing it through a blog post. I am confused as to how you know this is a scam? What is your evidence? I have not tried to refer anyone because until I know that they pay out I would not do so. But if you just signed up you would have read that they pay out once you hit 100 dollars, which in one day you could not have reached that yet. I am not saying you may not be correct that this site could be a scam, I am just asking for some hard evidence?

    • kristina says:

      The cash out is not $100 it is now $350.

    • H. Rasheed says:

      Its a scam, I should have gotten paid last month. So no payment sent to my paypal account. SCAM!!

    • steph says:

      here is some hard evidence for you i never got paid and i am owed 700 i have been waiting for two months and also the payout is 350

  2. Kelsey says:

    How can you be sure. I know it’s your opinion, but how are we sure… if they are new they might just not be fully developed yet…

  3. Tiffany says:

    They do update the articles usually around the time you first signed up. Like for me it’s 12:30 I go on everyday to new articles.. You have to give it longer then a day to make good money..

  4. Tina Marie says:

    It’s supposed to look legit, that’s what the domain owner wants you to think. Although there is a sister site called, this site geared towards English has a lot of grammar errors. There is an ad on the site its self that takes you to a link where you have an option to download a bundle package of Inbox Ace hijacking toolbar, spyware, and several other malicious threats that sit and wait to attack your PC. It’s been validated people are getting viruses now. Also, when you click the SEND button to contact them or hit the cash out button it’s rumored that it either port scans your PC for open ports or downloads a hidden Trojan that also sits and waits (days to even months) for vulnerabilities or triggers. Some antivirus software sees it, others don’t. Just be cautious using the site. The domain was just created on 10/16 and the owner has hidden all their info, which no legit business does. It’s registered for only 1 year (which may or may not be important) and it seems so slow and times out so much that it’s making people think it’s someone’s individual machine and not a server that you are pinging…. There is no privacy policy and no tax info for USA. Your email address, Paypal ID, and password you use for the site are all up for grabs for illegal sales to phishers or hackers. Never use the same email OR password that you’d use on any other online account.

  5. Ananomus says:

    My friend just hit 350 a few days ago and she called pay pal and everything they stated that circum news has been paying people for a whole. So it not a scam

    • Stephanie says:

      It is in fact a scam I reached the amount for the 350 and the company has given me the run around saying in fact the amount has now been changed to 550 for people calling it a scam. I feel bad for either people just covering for this company or actually believing it. It has been 4 months and I still have not seen a dime from them. I have called all the local news stations and they said yes this is in fact a scam they have seen to many people fall for this so please do yourself a favor don’t fall for it.

      • Tina says:

        Stephanie, how have you been waiting 4 months when circumnews has only been in effect since Oct.?

  6. lizzy says:

    Hello, today is my 10th day using I was so excited coz I already earned $90 for reading or watching the news. But today, bringing up the website is fast, which was always slow and my email was not identified like I need to sign up again. The web is like in russian..poor me, I got scammed in no other word. So everyone, don’t waste your precious time….

  7. Enchant5 says:

    It didn’t recognize me for 2 days, but then it was fine again.
    Also, it’s very hard to load pages… But I think it’s worth to reach minimum and try. My room mate told me to join btw.

  8. Brenda says:

    As for the writer of this post. Saying that they want your email so they can spam you is false information!. I signed up a few weeks ago with an email address that I set up just for Circumnews and I did not get one piece of spam mail as a result. Also, people claiming that you get a virus from the site is also false. You should not post things that you don’t know to be true!

    • Stephanie says:

      Again -smh- I feel sorry for the people that are in under the Gullible group. Yes, I feel for this because being a stay at home mom I wanted something to help bring income in THIS IS NO WAY a real thing they make money off who you refer to there sites don’t blame the people that refer you it’s not their fault we are all human and we make mistakes promises of easy money is always going to come to our doorsteps.

  9. Jackie says:

    You know who I feel sorry for? The people who make claims that aren’t based on any sort of evidence whatsoever. The people who bash or disregard things that have the potential to be wonderful for a lot of people, but let their own fear and negativity convince them that everything is impossible. It’s okay if you don’t believe the site is legit, but don’t drag everyone else down with you in your spiral of negativity. You have no evidence that Circumnews is a scam. And I have no evidence that it ISN’T a scam. End of story.

  10. MC says:

    I’ve been checking for any evidence that anyone has been paid by this site, and there is none. I have yet to come across anyone who can show actual payment.

    On the other hand I have come across many people who have cashed out, but not been paid. Some back as far as early November. If they say they are paying in 14 days, they are lying. Note: they also say they payout @ $100 on their main page, but $350 when you actually try to cash out.

    Why would you continue to trust a website that consistently provides false info?

  11. jackie says:

    I cashed out at 350.00 beginning of November. Still no money. Lol
    Everyone supporting circum news and coming diwn on this womans post must feel like an idiot.

    They are indeed scam. Also infected my comp with a trojan. I was lucky to save in safe mode.

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