sarah chermou is some sort of scam

Sherry | Report Scams
21 Oct 2012

( DANGER )public notice.

There is somebody going by the name of sarah chermou who is a person from a foreign country ( yes over there ) from some sex site whose name can also be sarah chermoutte and something I can’t bloody read, trying it on !!
I didn’t captitalize it on purpose but She says to every one :”hello ( then your name ) don’t tell me you have forgotten me , just add me and i will respond ”

this message and been sent to others including me who have no idea who she is.

Don’t answer. I deleted my message and tried to let face book know about this but I’m not sure if I did it right!!!

Thought I would post this and maybe some of you will care to pass it on , as this seems like some sort of scam !!! There are times one could hate facebook !

sarah chermou is some sort of scam Sherry



  1. Adrian says:

    I received the same message on facebook on monday! This person tells you to add them and sends you some link. I don’t even know who she is so right away I knew it was some kind of scam!

  2. Rat Kutti says:

    i too got one! Stupid spammers!

  3. manaseh alexander says:

    me either, wat are these people?

  4. Karan says:

    Me too! I’m getting to the point where I don’t click on anything these days..

  5. John Coyne says:

    I got one, too! Same name. Went straight to my SPAM file on facebook. My wife saw it and asked who she was…

  6. adriana says:

    me to its like she knows me but i dont know know her i clicked the like and it just said it was block and i cant go on her profile like she even has one but it has to be some scam she keep messaging me like we were in a convosation saying add me add me all the time but i dont replie back

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