RFID chip scam

Burt | Report Scams
29 Oct 2012

Just found out that my chase debit card has been compromised for the third time in three years ( getting new cards does not seem to be working). After a little googling found out the Chase and many other consumer product companies use RFID chip in there products. This allows people with RFID readers to take your card information and reproduce it on a blank magnetic card an use it at least once for a purchase. I’ve realized that I could be getting scanned at work since I work with the general public and there is a great amount of fraud happening in my industry these days. After a little more research I’ve found that a little tin foil and two business cards can solve the problem (hopefully), and tin fold is many time thick and more able to block RFID waves than the wallets they advertise for $60 plus dollars- what a scam! I guess aluminum foil hats are not a bad idea after all- holy crap!

And to the conspiracy theorist out there- don’t worry the RFID chips can not be planted in the hand- because salt water also blocks the waves- and human flesh is mostly salt water- the power of google:)

RFID chip scam


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