Preston Lord Enterprises is a scam company

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16 May 2013

Hey, Facebook People. Here is something to look out for. A letter from Preston Lord Enterprises. They are trying to get you to do some mailing from your home. Money should good and it is easy work. Considering stuffing, labeling and sending out envelopes. They want money for a fee first but… THIS IS A SCAM and a fraud! Do not respond to this Company at all. Google it and you will see all the bad reports. I got a letter and it is going in the trash.

Preston Lord Enterprises is a scam company


  1. Michelle says:

    Scam..received letter in mail .tore it up..get the smuck

    • Lisa says:

      I got a letter in the mail and googled the name on envelope, preston lord enterprizes and read its a scam, sick of these idiots!!!
      In the garbage!!

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