pics97 dot com is a spam scam website

George | Report Scams
21 Nov 2012

There is a facebook message going around, “hey, go to pics97 dot com and search for your full name then click on the first photo…..”

Don’t GO to pics97 dot com.

pics97 dot com is a spam, crap,fraud,rip off,not legit,scam website. took me to a facebook page probably a fake one and wanted me to log in facebook. I never did log in, but it still knocked my account offline (locked), and appears to have knocked one of my other facebook friends into locked status, the hacker or whatever it is, sent the message from her and 4 others, so hackers may be sending spam messages around to get your facebook passwords.I think I got hacked , I have been sending the same message apparently. If you receive a message from me that tells you to go to pics97 dot com. I did not send it.

pics97 dot com is a spam scam website

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  1. Jaimie says:

    I recieved the same message on my facebook and thanks to this guy I didnt open that go to pics97 dot com.Thank you so much for posting this warning..

  2. Shannon says:

    LOL. I signed in with a fake Facebook just to see, it’s fake.

  3. Mario Terrell Ridgeway Stokes says:

    I was wondering why I couldn’t pull up this particular site.

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