phone calls from 2098583919 SCAM or get personal information from you

Rosa | Report Scams
11 Dec 2012

! Warning to all !
If receiving phone calls from 2098583919, do not answer and do not return their call from a message left on your answering service. Did some investigating and found out that they are a company attempting to SCAM / get personal information from you. You can also report it to your State’s Attorney General and the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission. ! Just Heads Up

phone calls from 2098583919 SCAM or get personal information from you

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  1. Tarfey says:

    Thank you. I’ve been receivin theses calls and was not sure what it was.

  2. blah123 says:

    This number has called me EVERY single day for the past 6 months. I attempted to talk to someone to tell them to remove me from their list, however I was told that I had to provide my soc., address etc. and since I would not they couldn’t do anything about it. NO company should EVER ask for that information without telling you what they are calling about, and this place refused to tell me anything. The woman I spoke with said “until you provide this information you can expect a call from this number every single day.” I called to have the number blocked. **Just curious but aren’t people concerned that someone is calling regarding ‘personal business issues,’ YET they want YOU to provide them with all of YOUR PERSONAL information?!?** WAKE UP PEOPLE, don’t become another statistic and fall for these scams!

  3. JoAnn says:

    They called my daughter’s phone. I have power of attorney. They want me to send the paperwork to show power of attorney and then they will give info. They would not even tell me what kind of company they were. If a company can not tell you what type of business they are in, it’s probably not legit. Not going to be sending that info to them unless they can give me more info. If you cooperate with me, I will cooperate with you.

  4. ann says:

    They call and call — I THINK they are a debt collector for student loans. How they have my number in their database is unknown…. I just called them back, and the guy was super RUDE!!! They are sooooo secretive about who they are — at first I thought it was a privacy deal, but he just said, ” we are trying to reach John Arntzen regarding a personal matter” (so much for the privacy theory)… I had to ask 4 times, “what is it that your company does?” Each time he responded, “This is Perfomance Technologies” — I said, “yes I get that, but what do you actually do?” “this is Performance Technologies” “yep — got that….what do you actually do???” I feel into the trap of the stupid conversation — ended it with me saying, “ummmmm ok…..whatever”. Blocking the calls now.

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