Notice Blocking Facebook Account is a scam

Marishas | Report Scams
22 Mar 2013

just got a message from facebook security… spelled with funny letters.Fȧcęƀöok Séƈurìṱý was how it was spelled out.

Notice Blocking Facebook Account •
We have received feedback that your account may not be authentic. Facebook is a community where people share and interact using real identity.
Please reconfirm your facebook account below:
[[facebook]] Click here-►
All accounts that are not verified within 24 hours will be removed from our database and the user will not be able to use it again.
Thank you for your attention.
Facebook © 2013 Copyright Network Inc.
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that is something like what the message looks like.. someone else just messaged me, they got the same message as me.
no telling how many people fell for it before I reported it..linked straight to a game players page, directing me to a screen where i put in login and password or else my account will be blocked in 24 hours.. i reported them and it was removed immediately. But do not put in your info if you get a private IM like this in the future. it’s a scam!!

Notice Blocking Facebook Account is a scam


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