I won a 100 dollar gift card from Target or Walmart is a scam

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26 Mar 2013

My grandmother just get a call from California saying she just won a 100 dollar gift card from Target or Walmart her choice. The young lady said all she had to do was to pay postage and handling of 3.85!!

I told her it was a scam. to good to be true.
Thank God she didn’t fall for the bullshit.

Shoot they be calling my dad from Jamaca talking about he won $500,000 and all he needs to do is send them a cashiers check for $240..And the messed up part they will actually send you a phoney check WTH..lol..Of course he didnt do it but i know a friend who’s mom fell for that shiggidy lol…

Everyone needs to realize you don’t get something for nothing and what you pay for things you win is taxes.

I won a 100 dollar gift card from Target or Walmart is a scam


  1. Josie Valdez says:

    I need to report this.. I got scam , I spoke with an Indian man and he was real rude to me and then he like u got a free $100.00 gift card for Wal-Mart or Target ,but you got to paid shipping and handling for 6.49 only one time. . Well he charge my credit card. and then he made me listened to a machine and he said say “yes to everything… if you want to cancel .. the machine was trying to sale me more stuff that I didn’t want to buy. then ask for my credit card and then he like okay hold then I listens again .. machine was trying to sale me more stuff.. kept asking for my credit card .. Then after the 5th time he like okay here the confirmation # I’m scared because he kept asking for my card # . so then the Indian man said here a phone # you can call. so I called and it was a fake number… then I called back and the India man was rude and I said this is a scam not real .. he hang up the phone . so I called back and he kept hanging up on me. then he finally give me another . I called the number he give me. and the lady said they don’t work with them. she said I don’t know why they keep giving out this company number… she like u need to call your bank. so I did… this scam , and I need my money back…

  2. Josie Valdez says:

    The number was send to my mailing address .. I called to claim my reward of $100.00 . phone number is 1-855-328-0827… company name is My discount..com … they are located at 5337 North Socrum Loop Road Unit 145 Lakeland, FL 33809.. they are rude and this not real .. they charge my bank card. then they told me to call this # 818-303-9272 and that number don’t exist .. then the man said call this number 1-888-272-5027 …. I called them . and explain myself what happen.. they said u need to call your bank and they don’t work with them. they don’t know they give me, Indian man said they work for Saving to Go. but I called the number the Indian man give me which is the 1-888-272-5027 and they don’t work with those ppl… i called back the Indian man the was 1-855-328-0827 . and said I want my money back and got hung up on…

  3. Toby Bo says:

    My postcard from this address says I won some “gift rebate certificates” whatever that means.The people who get these postcards have entered contests at public events.The location gets $1 per entry and then the person is put on a list for sale.It would help more to understand psychology than the validity of every contest.People believe they deserve to win like a child believes ice cream is the ideal food because they like ice cream.In politics people think government in general is bad but their own representative is good.That is because they get benefits from their representative so they must be good.Government in general takes taxes to give to other people so that is bad.You can laugh at fools except when the entire nation are fools.

  4. M Madrid says:

    Hey got the same card and agree with you all same address 5337 North Socrum Loop Road Unit 145
    Lakeland, FL 33809
    NEW # 1-800-579-0048
    Don’t get had!

  5. Ashley says:

    Clue #1, and the only one you should really need: The complete lack of any business name/info or advertisement anywhere on these stupid postcards. Sadly, until people stop falling for this crap, they’ll never stop coming.

    I say copy them, write SCAM all over them, and pass THOSE out. Spam their phone number. Waste their time – call them up and hand the phone to the nearest toddler. Do your part. :-)

  6. Tina says:

    Just got the same thing today and decided to look it up since therevis no business name on the postcard. I figured it was a scam. I really wish all this would stop. Unfortunately there are vulnerable people who will keep falling for these scams and that is why they will never stop.

  7. Shelia says:

    This company is definitely a fraud please don’t be a person to get involved with this company it is truly a scam I called Wal-Mart corporation to let them know about the scam and gave a representative the phone number I have.

  8. Tony says:

    I don’t understand Why yours don’t put a report in the station of policy?

  9. Janice McCann says:

    scam scam this free 100.00 gift card from walmart or target….. its a scam….

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