I was scammed by showmypc scam

Marc Pelletier | Report Scams
20 Jun 2013

Just had my day’s entertainment.
Got a phone call to from Microsoft Window telling me that they received a large amount of errors from my computer .The guy insisted he was there to help clear up malicious bugs in my system. Asked me to go to showmypc.com to install showmypc and then play around my pc and then tell me that my window warranty was no longer valid.
They then put in a password so I could not log on. They then ask for money to extend the warranty on my pc. This is obviously a scam and when you restart your computer it does not start if you do not have their password, but windows will fix it through the restore option. They sounded like personnel from India and called me from the phone number 1-000-000-0000 .

Watch for these scams. If you follow their instructions you will give up control of your system to crooks.

I was scammed by showmypc scam



  1. Michael Rack says:

    So they just tried to get money from you? I would think they would install some software to steal all your passwords, information…whatever the can get. Sounds to me you were a lucky man.

  2. Michael Rack says:

    Did anything bad happen or that was it?

  3. Rico Heeren says:

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