I had won $750,000 from Publisher Clearing House is a scam

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3 Apr 2013

Big phone scam Yesterday the phone rang off the hook.
Out of anger, frustration and finally curiousity, I answered.
Man said he was from Publisher Clearing House and that I had won $750,000. Asked me if I had received his letter pertaining to the winning. I of course said NO. He said not a problem he just wanted to let me know that I had won and wanted to make arrangements to receive the money. Wanted to know if my bank could handle such a large deposit, and then said was my bank B of A, or something else. I said I was sure that would not be a problem. I told him that I would need to see this in the mail, and he said that he would be sending out a confirmation letter next day air. Then he told me that to get the money they would need a small amount to handle the transfer. I told him that I would wait for the letter and hung up.
SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! he just called. This time I told him that I had turned the telephone number into PCH fraud division. (877 379 3377) and hung up. Guess I ruined his day, he thought he had caught another sucker.

BOTTOM LINE: any number with the area code 876 is a call from Jamaica. You can type in area code 876 in search and read all about how long this has been going on. There are also other area codes that are being used.
Well, a few minutes have gone by and he has not called back. Chalk up another point to those of us that have worked hard for our money and understand that nothing in life is free.

I had won $750,000 from Publisher Clearing House is a scam


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