I fell for click Your Amazon order scam email

Colins | Report Scams
14 Dec 2013

heads up to my FB family,A little warning for you all.
i keep getting fake emails from some firm claiming to be amazon based on “Your Amazon order” with an attachments they say is your receipt and order details. .. i don’t buy from those tax dodgers so i know it’s a scam…

if you buy anything thru amazon do not open any files if you get an email back. it is a scam amazon do not send zipped files.i bought a remote last week and this morning had 12 emails from different amazon email account names asking to check my details..i was switched on so the ones who are not sure ask plz..

you may get them as well..stay alert guys.. Don’t open it, its just another nasty person after your hard earned cash. they may contain viruses or worse. delete them don’t open them.dont be tempted to see what it is.

hate for you to get scammed for xmas.

I fell for click Your Amazon order email scam

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