How to remove virus scam

Joshua Panasyuk | Report Scams
4 Jan 2013

Facebook is acting strange. Plus some virus has my friends’ accounts posting promotions for losing weight through Dr. Oz drops.

Apparently people received something from me about me about raspberry ketone(, its NOT from me, I have no idea where it came from…….

Im already 18 pounds thinner Paige! For the past month I have lost so much extra weight. I have been using these brand new Raspberry drops I saw on TV. I love how fast it worked, hope you like it as much as I do:D Check the site out, type in without spaces ——> www .EzRasp. com

I just woke up and had all kinds of people asking about this comment! I was asleep when it was sent. All these messages are spam or a virus.. i deleted them all and marked them as spam.

If you see anything similar with my account please let me know. is a complete ripoff,a bogus,illegally website.

How to remove virus scam? all of us to change our passwords.

How to remove virus scam



  1. shantal says:

    i saw the exact comment on a pic im tagged in

  2. Finn Brandt says:


  3. Laercio montero leonidas says:

    What?? take rise brother i m friend you too nice to meet you…

  4. Brigitte says:

    Yeah, this has been happening to me for a week or so. The same person has been posting on all my pictures and posts, and now they’re constantly posting on my wall! It’s really annoying. I try deleting them and marking them all as spam, but they keep doing it again and again.

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