Gigats is a scam

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8 May 2013

Just FYI to anyone looking for work. I was applying to a job at what I thought was Miller-Coors to have my resume hijacked by a place called Gigats. TOTAL SCAM. I was on the phone with this supposed Employment Spc screening applicants for Miller for 20 minutes, only to be transferred in the end to someone trying to sign me up for a junk online college.

Gigats is a scam


  1. Donna Brown says:

    Received a text message from Gigats regarding a job I had applied for at Kindercare, and when I called them, I spoke for 20 minutes with Michael A. trying to get information from him about the job I was applying for. He was very evasive about the job itself, and tried talking me into continuing my education, despite the fact that I told him I already am a nurse and have a bachelors degree. This was definitely a waste of 20 minutes and then some!!!

    • Karla Thompson says:

      I had the same experience yesterday when I called to apply for a job with my city government. After 20 minutes or so of talking to Will (didn’t give me his last name), I started to delete a smell and asked him pointed questions and accused him of baiting me. He rattled off his rehearsed responses and after trying to get me to commit to more schooling, I told him NO. Thanked him for his time and hung up. Seems I did the right thing.

  2. Trina says:

    Thank you for your comment. out of all of the jobs I’ve applied for, this is the second time the application got intercepted by Gigats. I decided to call and see what it was about. In accordance to everyone else’s reviews, the individual, Earl that I spoke to, was more pushy about me furthering my career. I have my bachelor’s degree and 6+ years of work experience. I do not think it’s necessary at this time in my life to go back to school, yet alone an online school. After I was transferred to an online school counselor, I quickly got off the phone, and am hesitating on e-mailing “Earl” back for a follow up. He did not discuss anything about the job I had applied for, but mostly talked about how I would be more considered for a job if I furthered my carreer (so get a Masters?). I don’t think that’s necessary for the positions I’ve been applying for.

  3. Kerler says:

    Wow, thank you for posting this! I’ve gotten a couple emails -and- texts from Gigats. I’m so glad I decided to Google them before calling them back. What a bunch of sneaky, lying assholes.

  4. omar says:

    straight scam…..waste of time

    • Tom says:

      I worked there for several months. Only did so until I could find a job I wasn’t embarrassed about. This company should be shut down. Completely misleading to people who are desperately trying to find a job. Instead, Gigats cons them into getting information to continue their education. Never heard so many pissed off callers, and rightfully so! The owner went to prison for fraud. Need I say more!

  5. Kay Maggie says:

    I have been in the merchant processing industry for 25 years. Which means I need to know a merchants background industry before allowing them to accept credit cards as a from of payment. I am well trained on fraud and scams. is a well executed sales scam to get people to sign up for college courses.
    I was on the phone with them for 20 minutes and listened to the hype and then before they could transfer me to an advisor I hung up and then blocked their phone number.

    The resume I sent them is a fake, but I wouldn’t worry too much if you sent them your resume there isn’t anything they will do with it.
    There too busy trying to get people to sign up for college classes. The worst thing they can do is send you an email (block it) or a letter in the mail (just throw it away.

  6. Stacey says:

    I got a text from Gigats telling me to call about a job I had applied for. I spoke to the “employment specialist” and he started asking me questions so I decided to look up Gigats online and found these comments telling me it’s a scam. I asked the “employment specialist” if this had something to do with an online college before we went any further. He got nasty and said he’s asking me questions. I again asked if it had something to do with an online college, he got really nasty and said it’s about trying to find me a job. I told him he had quite the attitude and hung up. Don’t fall for this scam! Waste of time and glad I didn’t give out anymore personal information!

  7. Dan says:

    Have any of you received a call back? Have you been harassed? If not, how can you possibly say it was a scam? If you never finished your registration and applied for any jobs how do you know what they will do with your resume? How about the fact that is the FASTEST web site to 1 million active users? Yes that mean faster than twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc. They are linked with almost every other major job site. And they are an accredited business. With there COO earning top honors at the best Mid-Level Executive in FL and a nominee for the National award! Maybe you “highly educated” people should truly learn to do research.

    • Karima says:

      I was applying for a job, that was intercepted through gigats as well. They counselor, William, told me they were basically a recruiter. The save company’s time by finding good candidates and doing the prescreening. They did try to set me up with an educational advisor, but I told him that I really wasn’t interested at this time. I wonder if any of them tried that. He understood, and we skipped it. The past 3 days, they have posted several jobs to my account in the field that I have requested. So far, I don’t see the scam. I have to agree with you Dan. They have not called me back, and neither has any school. So far, (4 days) they have only done what they promised.

  8. Julian says:

    Definitely a scam. I applied for a job at my local Children’s hospital and at the end of the application arranged a “pre-screening interview” for Thursday at 1:30. The day before the scheduled interview I was contacted by text to call them (Gigats) about the position. In the actual call the specific position I applied for was never discussed (despite the text specifically saying “call me about the Guest Services Represen Job you have applied for”) and the pre-recorded voice eventually began to talk to me about furthering my education and transferred me to an education adviser that linked me to online schools.

    Out of curiosity I called the next day at 1:30 (the time the interview was actually scheduled) and the guy I spoke to asked me why I was calling if I talked to them the day before, which I explained I was following up about the actual job I applied for. His response was that they only provide job leads and can’t help with job placements (what’s the point in seeing if I qualify for the position??). Talk about false advertising!! Clearly their goal is to get you to apply for college.

  9. kyle says:

    Thanks for the comments. i had a feeling it was a scam..smh

  10. Christine says:

    I got hit up by these people too, claiming they had to prescreen me for Walgreen’s. Then launched into how I needed more education if I wanted to get anywhere with that company. Keep in mind that I already have a BA degree. lol

  11. Christine says:

    I did do research Dan. When I put in gigats the first thing that came up was Gigat’s scams. So they may be fast, but they are also shills for online bogus colleges so the fastest calls come from those colleges – not the jobs.

  12. Pauline says:

    Scam. Sham. Waste of time. Block their number. Never once did David talk to me about the p-t cashier job at Home Depot. All they want to do is sign me for some expensive online college. David transferred me to Brian – the college “rep” and B. quickly became irritated when I told him I wasn’t going back to college until next year. As we used to say in school, “forget ya, forgot ya, never thought about ya.”

  13. Cheryl says:

    It is a big scam! The lady promised to send me the job I was inquiring about and many more. Not a word and I called her three times after going through the entire furthering my education with the online college deal!!!

  14. Bren says:

    So glad to hear others have had the same experience. I was applying for a job that had been posted on and I had to contact Gigats for a “prescreening interview”. I spoke to Monica and as all of you guys experienced I spoke to Monica for approximately 20 minutes then I was transferred to Seema (an advisor) then Rebecca got on line with Colorado Technical University. I kept explaining I wasn’t interested in furthering my education but they kept asking me questions. I eventually told Rebecca that I think I have let her talk enough and I politely told her this conversation was over and I hung up. What a scam.

    • Beth says:

      As I was on the phone with the education counselor, I pulled up this sight. I interrupted to ask about the comments posted here and the fact that “Scam” was the overriding theme, and he hung up on me. Thanks for your comments or I’d probably still be listening!

      • Susan says:

        Well just as suspected; when I cornered Will about the education discussion I asked if this was really about furthering my education or an actual position. He knew I wasn’t happy. Yet they continue on.

  15. Shawna says:

    I got caught up in that garbage too. Wish I had never called but atleast I know now to not speak to anyone associated with that so called company. I have many choice words for some of them people!!

  16. sherri says:

    I had been jog hunting and filling out online apps for 5 months when I fell prey to these scammers!! I called the place I applied to and asked them about this GIGATS , as Gigats told me that they hired for this hospital I was applying at. The hospital knew nothing about them. And same as everyone else here, they tried to talk me into going to school so they could give me a mega thousands dollars loan I could never pay back with a very high interest rate. ASSHOLES!!

    • C says:

      They are now sending out false emails from the supposed HR departments of the companies I have applied to. Total BS and a waste of time. Beware!

  17. Pat says:

    I am so mad at myself for wasting my time talking to a rep with Gigats. She actually berated me because I am not interested in going back to school. The job posting does not say that there is an education requirement, but she was so pushy she said, “so you aren’t interested in furthering your career because you don’t feel like going back to school? What!? She had no info on the job, what a scam.

  18. Beck says:

    Thanks for all of your comments. I was looking for a job and somehow stumbled upon Gigats. I was kind of unsure at first too. I filled out stuff they asked for except I did not download my resume. I e-mailed them and they said they only use it to help me in finding a job. So I downloaded it the next day. They also sent me an e-mail and phone text to call them at a certain number. The Guy I talked to was Devon P. He wanted to talk to me and do an interview for about 20 to 35 min. at that time I couldn’t talk that long so I set up an interview with him at 10 a.m. the next day. Then I talked to my husband and he started asking me questions that I could not answer. So I went directly to the jobs website to see about applying for the position. We googled Gigats to see what they were about and aslo saw the scam site. So I decided to check them out. I read all of your comments and decided to e-mail Gigats and tell them that I wanted to opt out because I was not ready to go back to work. They got back to me and said to reply if I really wanted to delete my account. I said yes and they deleted my account. I can no longer use their website to look for jobs. I tried to log in just to make sure and it would not let me do so. They said they had deleted my account. Thanks for letting me know and saving me from talking to them. If you have an account with them just e-mail them and tell them you are no longer interested in jobs with them and they will delete your account. Hope I helped someone else before they do talk to them too. I don’t think it would be worth it. Devon was kind of pushy for me to make an interview to talk to him the next day. I had to give him a specific time for him to call me back. I also texted STOP to the text message and it will no longer send me text messages or calls.

  19. Jodie says:

    Yes this is a SCAM….waste of time on phone and then I called the place I just applied to said they never heard of this company and never get resumes from them….what a waste, keep you on the phone forever and then most likely sell your information

  20. Kris W says:

    Total scam… they will do nothing with you about the job you are inquiring about. They just want you to enroll in college courses and further your education. You will waste your time with this company.

  21. Dee112213 says:

    Yes they definitely are a scam. I wish I googled the company before I talked to them. They do their homework they seem to know all about you (which I see now that they get from your resume)… I thought it was unusual that they sent me a text message regarding the job I applied for. When I called they told me about this special job of the day program (totally fake)… then they asked me if I thought about continuing my education and after I said I had thought about it they transferred me to an education specialist at Post University where you can get your degree online. So yes the whole thing is a scam and now this school has my number and information. They call me frequently and it is extremely annoying especially because I am not interested in their school. Watch out for Gigats!!!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for the reviews , I knew it was to good to be true!!!!!

  23. Camron says:

    The funny thing is if you are not interested in furthering your education then what harm was it to say i’m not interested and see what they do!!! I have used Gigats and i have gotten a lot of opportunities. Obviously they care about more than just us getting a job but about a career. I dont plan on looking for work for the next 6 months so ill take all the help i can get!!! #finally someone who cares#what is the harm

    • bunso says:

      When I told the guy on the other end of the phone number that I would love to receive a potential job in my email every day, but was not interested in furthering my education, he cut the call short and I have not seen anything fro gigats since. So yeah, they aren’t gonna give me info about jobs, but at least they aren’t going to hassle me about education either.

    • C says:

      Your application never gets to the actual company. How is that helpful? What is the harm?? Your TIME!!!!

  24. Traci says:

    On November 22. I was applying to a job with Patient Coordinator with Alliance Imaging. I was then contacted by a Jessica S and we spoke for about 30 minutes and she then sent me this email. “It was a pleasure speaking with you today. As promised, my team has identified several job matches for you. For convenience we provided the list we discussed in your dashboard (you will automatically land there when you complete your registration).

    This will allow us to use the job preferences you choose during your registration in generating the matched jobs. As I mentioned this will take you just a few seconds to select the jobs you prefer and will help my team in our efforts to match you with the exact jobs you desire in the future.

    I wish you the best of luck in your immediate search for a new job and your quest for a long-term career. If there is anything I can do to be of further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.” I have sent her 2 emails to contact me because I had some questions and she has yet to return my call.

    I was also at the end of my conservation with Jessica she transferred me some one about furthering my education.

  25. Matt says:

    My question is how these guys are getting the information that you applied for a job on some companies website? This seems a bit concerning.

  26. Gene says:

    I knew it was a some type of scam when the site said ‘according to our records you have not finished high school-WHAT? What records are these. I’m 40 years old graduated in 1991. Worked at 3 major banking institutions for a total of 9 years experience. I wish I would have not given them so much information before exiting out of the site. Dangit!

  27. Andrea Robinson says:

    As soon as WILL began talking, I had a bad feeling but because I am in need of a job, I listened. It is nothing but a scam. I feel as though I was violated. I should have hung up in the beginning. 2hours after I began the job applicatio, I wad still on the phone with their counselor. Dont fall for it. Businesses ought to be ashamed to allow them to interfere with job applicants this way.

    • Kevin says:

      WILL is an auto reply voice this pathetic company uses to trick callers into going back to school. The main company, Softrock, trains some of their employees to operate a computer generated voice so it takes some of the sting out of getting yelled at. This company is an absolute joke. The jobs they send you are not even current. Please save yourself the frustration and avoid this fraudulent company at ALL costs!

  28. Richard says:

    Gigats is a fraud, scam, false advertising scheme. They really abuse the term “job assistance.” All they do is push people into “furthering their education” and recycling job leads from other online sources. Save your time and hang up on them ASAP, and don’t give out any personal information. Don’t even send them an e-mail, as this just encourages them to continue in their deceptive ways. Call your local BBB, and if you’re in Florida (where Gigats is also located) please report them to your Attorney General’s office for running an online scam. Good luck in your job hunt, but let’s get these fraudsters out of our way — time is too precious to waste on the morons at Gigats.

  29. Shawn says:

    Glad I did a Google search. I am always cautious with 800, 866, 855, etc numbers. I hate these people. I google every number I don’t recognize.

  30. Craig says:

    I got caught in the scam. I received an email so I called the number. I spoke to “Connie” who asked me a number of questions and then began talking about furthering my education. She then said I would be receiving an email from her in 2 to 3 hours and transferred me to an online education advisor. What a scam. I just hope they do not use our personal information for criminal things.

  31. Ryan says:

    They use a voice automated robot that has people monitoring it, and I’m pretty sure if you ask if it is one, someone will interrupt it with a different voice (“I sound that good don’t I”.) I called back after I was surprised that the program already submitted confirmation (that actually showed up in the spam mail box) and they used the same lines/script in the same manner, and it never really answers the questions you ask (“does this confirmation “interview” session contribute to those scheduled later in the day?”)

    All it’s really doing is selling your information to interest groups such as the education scam programs, which is sent off after you answer the qualifying query. More than likely I’ll be receiving a bunch of junk in the mail as well. They would probably record the conversation only because it would interest them for legal purposes if you called them against agreeing to any information. I’m rather curious if they act as a legitimate employment agency, or if they are just sociopaths feeding off the desperate.

  32. alex says:

    same thing happened to me, this is legal deception, I think something should be done to stop these lies

  33. Larry says:

    Gigats actually is a scam..Its a job website that has positions that are actually available.
    After looking at some of the comments it was easy to see that not everybody that calls Gigats is fully understanding what they are being told by the specialist they speak with.
    I do have a BA and wasn’t interested in furthering my education at the time but was able to achieve several interviews from positions I applied for on the sight after completing my registration with Gigats. There is nothing incorrect or illegal about furthered education or a company that offers getting information on furthered education.

    Although I didn’t find my new job using Gigats I had the feeling of being scammed.

  34. Kristin S. says:

    Gigats is a scam. It is trying to get you to enroll in college. Even though you already have a degree. I was applying for City of Tampa FL 911 dispatcher and somehow it routed me to Gigats.
    Total scam. I checked City of Tampa FL afterwards and there is no such job listed on their government website.

  35. TEE says:

    Wow! This is an outrage! I cannot believe that this company is allowed to use the names and logos of legitimate companies to get people to register with their company. I tried to apply for a few positions and every time I tried I got this registration screen. So I filled it out because I could not bypass it to get to fully apply for the position I was seeking. Once I filled it out, which by the way it also asked me to submit my Resume. I did not upload that. Thank God. Anyways, Once I was done “Registering” I got another screen that said please call our Employment Specialist to complete the Registration Process. So, I called the number that still had the name and Logo of the Company that I believed I was applying to. However, once I called the number this guy named Sean answers, and says the name of another company so quickly that I could not make it out. So I asked him to please repeat, once he did, he said the name was Gigats. I was now confused. What was even more creepy was he knew my name before I could introduce myself. So he had all my info right there in front of him. Next, he proceeds to ask me how much time to speak with him? I asked him how long it would take for the call? He said, “approx. 30/45 minutes, a red flag immediately went up. And I immediately contacted the companies that this FAKE Company is using fraudulently. However, something definitely needs to be done and fast about these scam artist. I am so happy I did not continue the conversation with the guy, but they still have my info. Will research what legally can be done about this company.

    • Webwench says:

      Please let me know since nothing has been true. Just a well done recording. Hello, Board of Education? Feds listen to my calls and track my internet usage. Should be simple to find these assholes! So need a 4chan event here!

  36. Terry says:

    Got a call too. Listened for over 30 minutes and was asked about further education. I listened to the tape again, I said NO seven times and still was re-directed to a college expert recruiter (that kind of spoke English). Over the next 2 day I received 11 solicitations for school. These are Indian callers over VoIP. (Probably New Delhi listings) I got a 12 page listing of VoIP oversees so far running numbers through a SQL filter with reverse phone and IP lookup. These are sneaky people and DO NOT care about your job searching. Block em.

  37. Nadine says:

    Definitely a scam as well as the schools.

  38. Gigats employee says:

    Guys this company is bullshit! I just started not long ago ( am quitting as soon as i find somethingg else ) and its a complete scam! They just care about furthering education leads!

    The company is based out of Orlando FL called SoftRock Inc.

  39. Anne says:

    Ok…interesting. I had a text from Gigats about a position I posted for online. Interested in the fact of potential employment I listened
    I was asked very little questions and the gentleman than began to discuss education
    I was then transferred to a “bubbly” education advisor who then transferred me to an older gentleman who stated he was a financial advisor.
    As he continued in his line of questioning and my being on the phone 40 min he tells me I don’t seem very excited or interested!!!??
    I politely told him I had other calls to make and had to end the call.
    Wow! wait what about the job dude?!

  40. xavier says:

    Same here, after 15 mins they tranffered to someone tryingbto sing pe up for unline courses, i was looking for a job, not go back to school,

    • Keith says:

      How can discussing your education be a scam nobody is forcing you to go to school. In this day and age to not consider education if you are lacking is foolish. I promise all those who question the motives of gigats, that if there are 2 people being considered for a job (any job) the one more educated will get it.

  41. Phil says:

    Gigats is run by Alec Difrawi aka Alec Defrawy aka Ayman Ahmed El-Difrawi and other aliases along with his old friend Ralph Edward Bell.

    They will sue or threaten anyone who complains about them, though they have never won in court.

    Alec has been been getting away with this since he got out of jail!

  42. heather says:

    I see my recent experience with Gigats is a common one. Hoping I’m not breathing a sigh of relief too soon, but I see that so far, no one has experienced identity theft or financial damage due to these dream crushers. I was also automatically redirected to their site from the one I attempted to use to apply for employment at a local company. I know my target job is available as I have an inside source who is hearing management talk about needing more help. Good luck to us all. =^-^=

    • Gigats Employee says:

      Everything you are reading about Gigats being a scam is true. I work there and it flat out sucks! They don’t give a crap about finding you a job, only to transfer you to an education advisor to get you to go back to school. This is how they make their REAL money.
      I don’t know one person who is an a career specialist who actually likes what they do. It’s a shitty job for an even shittier company. Keep your distance!!!

  43. BKeeler says:

    What a freaking waste of my time~!

    Just a site that collects information about you and sells it.

    I’m so bloody sick and tire of these sites wastiing my valuable time. I need a job, not a run around.


  44. Mary says:

    Don’t waste your time. I stayed on the phone and it was clear to me they were directing me to further my education. I do not need to do that. The man on the phone used improper grammar and was not professional. I hung up, blocked them on text and email.

  45. christian lee valdez dala says:

    I wish i got my job

  46. Phil says:

    Gigats filed a new John Doe lawsuit Friday for libel. Guess they’re trying to shut down the truth.

  47. Phil says: is the latest to be hit with legal threats, bullied into taking down their comments on Gigats.

  48. Phil says:

    Gigats founder Alec Difrawi hates people finding out that he went to jail in ’96 for fraud. All the stories he makes up about himself skip over where he was from 1996 to 1999 under his real name of Ayman El-Difrawi. You can find a lot more information on him by searching Wikileaks.

  49. Phil says:

    Gigats attorney, Tom Sadaka, is doing a lot of work in getting bloggers to remove negative reviews. In some cases people have deleted whole sites and Facebook profiles. First amendment, anyone?

  50. anney says:

    I applied for a job with Gigats several months ago and was texted to contact them. Which I did… my Employment Specialist was funny, happy AND helpful!!! Yes, I have two BS degrees, but in this day and age, you cannot be a manager or even get a job of substance without some form of education. This is not the 70s any longer and Gigats is just trying to give you the tools to be successful. You can choose if you want to go back to school or collect un-employment until it runs out… If you want a good job or career, a HS diploma or GED is just not going to do it for you any longer. Don’t believe me, how many people without an advanced degree that have lost their job are still out of work. That isn’t Gigats fault, that would be yours.

  51. Phil says:

    Anney, are you another unpaid intern? Or are you Chad Rouch?

  52. Katherine says:

    A complete waste of time ! They didnt talk about the job you applied for. Their only interest was to sign you up for online college courses.

  53. Ellen says:

    ok, so 10 minutes into this “interview” I decided to google this company. why didn’t i do this sooner?

    the man I spoke with had such poor enunciation I could barely understand him. the fact that he was reading from a script was bad enough but finally after reading this thread (13 minutes into the conversation) I said to him that it seems to me that his intention is to get me to enroll in further education and I’m not interested in that at all. I told him that it appears to me that his company has nothing to do with Harris Corporation and I wanted to have specific information about this job and nothing else. guess what…he ended the conversation pronto.

    yes, he did have personal information about me, but nothing that isn’t on my public resume on monster and other job websites.

    how disappointing.

  54. Sam says:

    Applied for a job in retail, was harassed about going back to school. I don’t even think its a real person, an audio bot that has scripted responses. I just hung up before it could connect me to whatever crap online recruiter it was going to be. Probably University of phoenix or something.

    • Phil says:

      Sam, they are real people, but they are given a script that they must stick to unless they want to get fired and lose their money. Lots of people have been marched off the premises for not sticking to the script.

  55. Gary says:

    She’s REALLY is a scam.its just an online schoo posing as “employment specialists”…sad!

  56. chiller says:

    Add me to the list of these scammers….what are they up to?

  57. David says:

    Wow. I just got off the phone with and exactly what everyone else has said happened to me regarding a job. I already have a BA in Theatre and he passed me on to a Dan who repeatedly tried to bet further my education. I NEED A JOB NOT be hassled to go back to school. If I need further education within a job i’d be willing to consider more schooling with my local community college. Gigats seems to be a scam. BOO ON THEM!!!

  58. Bill says:

    Yep, scam. They hijacked my LinkedIn account. So they could harvest my connections. Sorry.
    Now, even if they are not, they have made enough mistakes to not to deal with them.

  59. Bob Pajeau says:

    I applied for a job at Costco, I was steered to Gigats,
    Spencer said he would send me the info I needed to complete the application, What a bunch of CRAP.

  60. tom Acevedo says:

    Yes I just experienced the same problem how can we get rid of this site and all the other scams . please contact me regarding this issue I feel like sueing them for adding to my days of unemployment call me please thank you

  61. Spann Cordle says:

    I to went through this attempt to do the online
    College thing. Is there a reputable company
    Out there to help if you are looking for
    Employment ? If so, gigat needs to be reported
    For underhanded practices.

  62. Phil says:

    Perhaps a class action is the way to go, but if you think the activity is criminal fraud then maybe it is a case for law enforcement.

  63. wayne says:

    They fid the same to me

  64. Nann says:

    I just interviewed for a job specialist job today and I gotta say I’m not sure if I will be going back for 2nd interview as I don’t think this is something I would want to do scamming people into going back to school conflicted on what to do company name is Soft Rock

  65. Vicki says:

    I to attempted to apply for a job and was instructed to set up an over the phone interview which i did for the next day thinking it was with the company in which i was applying for, WRONG it was directed to gigats and a guy named Will and after having to listen to a 15 minute sales pitch about what he could do for my career, not about the job i was applying for, i couldnt even log onto to website he told me to. I immediately shot him an email and got no answer. The next morning my phone was getting blown up with the same type companies not to mention the emails! I just called Will back after sending another email i got no reply from and what i got was him trying to say we have a bad connection i don’t know what your saying, when i made it clear what i was saying al he had to say was ” I don’t know what to say i was just doing my job!” I said your job was not to sell me out to every other company on the internet! and to never contact me again! I too was applying at Costco and can’t figure out how to bypass this company to actually apply. Will said they (Costco) pay them to prescreen applicants for them.

  66. Keaton says:

    Just got off the phone with a Gigats “employee” who was either a highly advanced recording or an incredibly ingratiating and robotic individual. After a while all he would talk about was continuing my education. I told him to stop and to find me a job that didn’t require a bloody college diploma. It’s all a scam, the phone call was cut short.

  67. Sara says:

    I applied to a job at Home Depot and was given an 855 number to call. When I didn’t call right away, they texted me to call about the Office Associate Job. I too got Will and after about 20 minutes of conversation I was told that they were hired to prescreen, that I needed to further my education and they would help me (obvious sales pitch- could barely get a word in edgewise) and pretty soon I started to figure out it was a bot. If you interrupt, it stops. When I asked if I was talking to a recording he said no they are just required to go off of a script. So I asked about the job at Home Depot and got some lame answer that had nothing to do with my question. So I hung up. If they want to help people further their education and they aren’t a scam then maybe they should be upfront about what they do instead of posting bogus job openings. Fortunately I am employed and was just looking for something better. Anyone saying this isn’t a scam is obviously an employee of Gigats and a brainwashed idiot.

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