get 1 million dollar if you share this post is a huge scam

Bernie | Report Scams
6 Dec 2012

Seriously people, don’t fall for this. I’ve seen postings of some other guy holding up a ticket with the winning numbers on it making the same offer, and it was a hoax,a scam,a fraud,not real offer.

“Yes,I am one of the winner of 580$ million PowerBall:)I will pick 10 random people to get 1 million $ each if you share this!I care for others too!:)”

Think about this for a minute; even if this was a legitimate offer, how would this guy even know that you posted it? Wouldn’t he already have to be one of your Facebook friends in order to see your postings?
And if someone did make a legitimate offer like this, it would also be spread all over the Internet like these hoaxes are which means that there would be far more people posting it in an attempt to be picked for this million dollars than those who actually played the Powerball. So that means your chances of winning the Powerball are actually greater than your chances of being picked for this million dollars.

get 1 million dollar if you share this is a huge scam


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