federal government selected 1500 citizens to award a $9000 grant is a scam

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15 Mar 2013

Wanted to make everyone aware of phone call i received at 7:40pm from 202-210-0054.A man with a heavy accent, probably from India speaking very broken English, called me saying the federal government selected 1500 citizens to award a $9,000 grant and I am one ..Telling me he would explain how I had won it…I told him, “I am sure I have not won anything, this is a SCAM.” He immediately hung up.
They even woulda Took a prepaid card number …identity theft?.no..they didn’t get any info. I don’t know..strangest scam call ever…..that sucks.I want $9000.
MY birthday is 3-22…as if the federal reserve bank would do this..
yeah that’s what they said..its from the reserve in new York ..
Don’t be dumb, DO NOT give these idiots any of your info.

SO BEWARE IF YOU GET A CALL FROM THIS NUMBER. When I called it back it says, “the person you are calling is not in at this time, call back later.”

I will report ..they called back..the scam is they want $200 first for charity.then u get the $9000 from federal reserve ..LOL… some poor people might fall for it…they talk so fast and Confuse u…..I will check out the link..

hahaha hahaha.LOL..lol

federal government selected 1500 citizens to award a $9000 grant is a scam



  1. Lacy K says:

    I just received the same call! They told me it would take 45 minutes to transfer the $9,000 into my bank account. I’m at work so I didn’t have that kind of time and asked for himt o call back tomorrow. He said he was calling from D.C. which he was because I tracked the number however, just werid.

    • Tina says:

      I just received the same call. I informed the individual that I never give any information over the phone and if this was the real deal they need to send me a letter in the mail. He didn’t know what to say after that and I kept saying “hello” over and over and nothing. So I hung up. I tried calling the number back and the recording says I have reached a non working number…lol..That says it all.

  2. Deja says:

    I just got the same call. Wow freaking really?! Asked for my card and account number! Noway Jose.

  3. Rob E. says:

    I just received the same call from a woman with a heavy Indian accent. She said the exact same thing. Not gonna get anything from me lady…

  4. Laura says:

    Got that same call and I played with them gave them a phony prepaid card number and a phony name and then told them that they were full of crap lol they got mad at me the number they told me to call next was 2026979461 and talk to Annie Johnson to get the 9,000$ put into my account ASAP don’t fall for these stupid scams please

  5. Chris Wagner says:

    I think they tried to scam me to…want 200 before i can get my 8400 ……gave them my debit card #….what should i do…never put money on it or what…been using this debit card a long time…????thanks

    • erik says:

      call number on back of card. tell them what happened and ask for your account to be monitored for any suspicious activity.

  6. Tommy says:

    I just got the call also. I told him I was wealthy and needed his bank account number to transfer funds to him so he would no longer need to scam people. Then I cursed him out heavily in a way only a southerner can. Also reported him to the FBI.

  7. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    I got a call from a 202 number containing mostly 00 and one or two numbers on the back. A Philipino (most likely in the Philipines) told me I have awarded a $9,000 grant. THEY GAVE ME my information, plus a claim number, and contact info. I called the number and got an answering machine. I didn’t give them any bank or credit card info and they offered to send cash. We’ll see if it is a scam or not.

    • TexasDew says:

      The first call came up “unavailable” the second call came up “098″. They told me to call 202-657-4863. They think all Americans are stupid. Let them wait for me to call!!!

  8. Tamiko says:

    This is awful these people should be stopped my son is a colleage student and they called him from a 202-470-6662 and told him he was approved for a $9000 Grant said her name was Kimberly I think these people shoud be locked up some where he paid $250.processing fee

  9. Josefine says:

    Just received the same call, telling the United States Government …Office (he kept mumbling what office this is from, I asked him 4 times what US agency office it is from and he did the same thing) chose me to receive $9000. I said I’m not interested. Heavy Indian accent. I told him no thanks. He said you are not interested in what? I said your ‘free’ money…He said it is from the government. Yeah right. After going through this game of you don’t want what/cash and me inquiring what office it is from he just hung up!! Everyone be CAREFUL! Bad scammer!

  10. Annie says:

    Scam is still running. Just got off the phone with an individual calling from 202-456-7890 (Washington D.C.). Fed me the exact same line as everyone else. Beware!!!!

  11. Brenda says:

    I just got the same phone call and the number was 202-559-7639.

  12. Maria says:

    I also just received a call from 202-456-7890, an man heavy Indian accent, broken English called to say I had been selected for a grant for being a loyal citizen and it was $9000. I told him I am not going to give you any
    information. He said this will be deposited in your account in 40-45 minutes. I just hung up.

  13. Jose says:

    I also just received a call from 202-456-7890
    the lady sounded very not happy with her job – monotone…

    hopefully if no one falls for these things, they will have trouble getting people to work for them

  14. anna says:

    just got the same call for a lady with a heavy indian accent. she spoke fast and i had a hard time understanding her, she wanted me to buy a green dot money pak and reload it with $230. When i asked her why, she just told me a bunch of other things but never really answered my question. When i told her, many people think this is a scam, she said that it didnt work for some people and now those people are writing bad reviews. However, i worked for a scam company and i know how these things work. They never even said where they are calling from, only all this talk about the federal government. i call bs

  15. Lisa K. says:

    I got the same call from 202-562-7893.

  16. Diana says:

    Got same call with call back # of 202-470-6355. Gave him old store gift card number to use. Told him to just mail it to me but he would not. Then I knew it was a scam.

  17. amy says:

    Just got the call.atleast I’m smart enough to look into it first.loyal citizen.lol # is 202 738 4646

  18. Maggie Moore says:

    Just received the same phone call but it was from 222 area code. Said I was selected and to call a number, go e them a code and info for a bank transfer within an hour. Nice try.

  19. Alaska girl says:

    Huh, just got call from sam number 202-456-7890, connection pretty bad and women (with East Indian accent) right the way introduced herself as a “Linda” from US Goverment and that I won a $9000 grant. Oh I just wanna tell her everything I think about this scam but I was at work, so I just hung up! Grrrrrrrr

  20. Jose says:

    Just received a call from 202-456-7890, 5/5/14. Claimed from a gov office and I could get a grant. I responded by asking how he got my phone number. He hung up.

  21. Evelyn says:

    The same guy just called me. I knew the Fed Reserve would never call me and had no reason to. I cut him off after “good afternoon” with “what do you want?” He repeated him name. I said “whT do you want?” agsin and louder. He hung up lol.

  22. Jose Garcia says:

    I just hade one from washithong withe the same thing telling me i won the $9000 indian pepole wirhe names like harry johnson jajaja i ask him can u send me a check he like no ser we whant it to be safe

  23. Susan says:

    Got that phone call today 5/12/2014 @ 10:50AM.
    Blocked the number since it is a scam.

  24. Jen says:

    Same scam different day and new number (202) 657-4642

  25. Michael says:

    I got the call just now…guy threatened me with a homeland security helicopter lol I said bring it on! I’m cooking meth, harboring fugitives with bionic ninja buttholes and we’re building super secret nuclear weapons disguised as ice cream cones and he hung up haha

  26. Elatia says:

    They called me 4 times today! I finally answered the fourth time they called me and tried to get my bank info and I told him No. So he told me they can Western Union the money and gave me a number to call his “Financial Advisor” and a confirmation code. When I called that number the guy asked me to call back in 15mins because he was currently in the process of releasing $9000 to some Mark such & such in Florida. So not exactly sure how this scam is going to go down but they ain’t fooling me!

  27. TexasDew says:

    I received the same call today only the guy is probably from Africa. He wanted me to have the $9000 so bad when I did not respond he called again. I told him I did not fall for scams and he immediately started telling me it was not a scam and I could receive it via Western Union…no account information needed and I did not have to pay anything up front. I am not willing to play along with him to find out what they are doing. The number I was to call is 202-657-4863. Hope the government catches them and prosecutes them.

  28. lydia says:

    I keep receiving the same calls I don’t know what to do I want them to stop calling my number they told me to go buy a green dot Card from 7 11 and put 200 dollars in it and not to tell any one until I send the money

  29. lydia says:

    They called me from a 202-621-0948

  30. Mike says:

    I just got the same call. Said his name was Michael Jones haha. Couldn’t pick a more American name. Said I was granted $9,200.00 just for being loyal citizen. He then told me I had to buy a Vanilla Reload card and put $225 on it and then give him my PIN number. He then gave me 3 MTCNs so I went to collect and none of them worked. He then told me they need me to do the same thing with $175 this time. Ok…enough is enough. So I contacted western union fraud hotline and opened a case against these clowns. I definitely learned my lesson, if it sounds too good to be true IT IS!! Good luck people and don’t fall for this b.s. anymore.

  31. Steve says:

    Same thing I went along with scam. They want 280 registration fee and I would get that back with my 9k. Gave him all fake information. Wants me to call him and he will stay on the line with me until the money gets deposited. Till I pretended to answer a police call and he asked what I do I said I am a police officer that investigates identity theft. Disconnected! Damn I wanted 9k

  32. Mike says:

    I got that one less than an hour ago, and from the same 202-210-0054 number. These guys should have been out of business by now.

  33. sara says:

    Same thing just happened to me, 202 210 0054. Inquired about my account I told him I saw a page on the internet with his scam and he hung up ASAP.

  34. rodney says:

    Scam don’t give them nothing ….

  35. Kevin says:

    8/1/2014 this scam continues from the same number, same MO. $9,000 grant from the federal govt that you don’t have to pay back. 1500 business selected because they pay their taxes on time and the govt wants to maintain a good relationship with them… I wonder if i can just claim a $9000 deduction and put 202-210-0054 in the memo field??

  36. joshua says:

    202-470-6662 360-533-7349 seems like every time they call me they keep changeing numbers so they kill the phone or somthing …. geting sick of calls like this

  37. Em says:

    I just got the same phone call but from a 732 number saying all the same things except they didn’t want money from me I told them I don’t give my banking out to anyone and they said they would western union it to me yada yada yada

  38. Em says:

    well I called the number they gave me which it is a Washington numb and I asked them how long have you been scamming people n he said it isn’t a scam he says go to ur banks website and look under the scams then he goes if u think I am scamming you y r u wasting our time when he could be helping other ppl my thing is if it wasn’t a scam y if you hung up and called back you get the same person and his name was Jamie wouldn’t u think u would get a different person

  39. tom says:

    I just got the call on my house phone. I used my cell to look it up online and found this link. Thank you for posting there is no telling how many people they have scammed out of money.

    • Lois says:

      I just got a call on my house phone and the lady told me she was giving me $8400 because they did a geographic survey and I was chosen and I didn’t have to pay it back. Her name was Josephine Glover calling from Wash, DC with the United States Federal Grant & Treasury dept. She gave me a gov grant number to call the account officer Oscar Walton @ 206-973-7328. I asked to have check sent to me and she said the gov doesn’t do that anymore. I called the numb and he said there was a 200.00 processing fee so I told him I would have to call him back. I don’t give my card numbers out to anyone. What a scam….

  40. Merrell says:

    Just got the same call as all above, They had my information an mailing address, calls came from 202-986-2207. was asked to call 202-637-9368 to complete processing of the grant. yes $9000 would be nice, but I don’t see the US Gov using a call center to give cash away…

  41. Erik says:

    lol I just got a call from a pleasant-sounding Russian girl (apparently from Seattle) who said I had been chosen to win $8400 in govt grant money … I just played along, but hell if Im going to call that number she gave, its obviously a scam …

  42. Erik says:

    PS the number she called from was ‘private’ but the number she gave to call was a Seattle number … 253-214-3868 … dont believe it!

  43. David says:

    This scam is still going strong. They called me twice today from two different numbers. The first time it was a woman with a heavy accent and the call got cut off. The second call was a man with a heavy accent.

  44. Robyn says:

    I just got this call yesterday. Someone with an Indian accent too. Saying I was one of the 1500 people picked to receive a 9,000 dollar grant from the US government. I am so sick of these people trying to take advantage of hard working Americans. This is the second time I have been contacted and I am so happy that there is a place to tell people about this terrible scam. I think they all need to be locked up. Don’t fall for this.

  45. Joole says:

    I got the same pitch from 202-511-0504. Tues Oct 7, 2014

  46. Tim says:

    Same call said I got a grant for 7456.87 I need to get a money pak and deposit 200 on it then they will send it to my state so I don’t have to pay taxes ( red flag. If the gov is giving me money why would they charge me tax instead of taking it out) I told them if I got a grant I have a money pak with 1k on it already so send me a check or western union. They said they have to verify. I said goodbye and call me with the confirmation. We will see if they call back. I am about to call back get their website ( if they have one) and take it offline and ruin their lives. Add me on fb Tim trebla to hear the outcome if they have a website or not.

  47. Tim says:

    They told me to call 2067016643. The us government grant department does not give their website out. Sounds legit. I’ll just give them my bank account LOL. This is an extension from above

  48. Mike says:

    10/31/14 Just got the same call from a woman. She called from 303 356-9999 Sounded like she was from India. Had her repeat it three times because I still couldn’t understand her broken English. I finally just told her to send me the cash, that would be great.

  49. DO says:

    Got the same call 1st call from 202-470-8580 telling me I had been selected to get an $8400 fed grant from the New York Reserve Bank. Told me to call Kevin Hunter at 646-434-6019 with a confirmation code he provided.. I called the number just to play along and after mentioning fed grant and that he was “Kevin Hunter” from the New York Reserve Bank, over and over and over. He finally came to the point that I would have the funds in 45 minutes, I just needed to pay a $249 fee that would be instantly refunded. WHAT A JOKE! I told him he should be ashamed of himself for running such a scam and hung up.

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