federal government humanity and poverty eradication is a huge scam

Mary | Report Scams
28 Nov 2012

please note that geri moody erased her facebook account because she was hacked….the person using her identity has a list of 44 friends, and is using her identity to scam people….i’m passing the information on to have you report to face book that this identity is stolen and no longer an active account…this person using her information is a con artist…please let me know if you’re hacked and i’ll help you report faslse identity thieves.

please post the information on your timeline to save others the grief of closing their facebook accounts…the person hacking accounts according to google also has a fake name of michael white…he claims there’s a program called “federal government humanity and poverty eradication” it is a huge scam.
there’s also a facebook page under the same name warning others of hacked accounts using your friends names and photos to get money sent….don’t send money to anyone…give everyone a heads up…much of it is coming from africa & nigeria, some are claiming to be from various parts of europe or the u.s. and going to africa for business….this is a huge heads up and warning please post on your timeline and report to facebook that its a huge scam ~ thanks to all my friends for the heads up and please send me a note if you get any request from me with a new account…that means i’ve been hacked ~ ty

federal government humanity and poverty eradication is a huge scam


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  1. davide pasquali says:

    it looks like i won samenthing …like 50,000? but never received….? 253 459 0569

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