Dr Oz miracle diet is a scam

Corys | Report Scams
24 Sep 2013

Can I tell you how absolutely tired I am of seeing those ads about Dr Oz and that fucking fruit?

I have been doing this 4 week diet called drops and so far have lost about 2 lbs.
it’s a long process to lose weight than it is gaining weight but this #NAME# diet is an amazing product, you should check this out too http://10milliondollarlaunch.com/kcanfhy.php

I am soooo freakin sick and tired of seeing day in and day out “miracle diet” fruit and veggies, pills this and pills that ad’s. I would love to just go up and smack Dr. OZ the profit goo roo upside the head and tell him to quit ripping people off and giving false hope day in and day out to people who really struggle with weight issues who really want and need to lose weight to become healthy!!!!!

Well apparently anyone will hack anything these days… Someone just hacked my PinInterest account and posted some kind of weight loss crap on it.

I haven’t dropped 35 lbs and 2 shirt sizes taking a damn pill. I’ve busted my ass in the gym.

IF you had seen a pin from me regarding weight loss .. it wasn’t me, and DO NOT click on the damned link! I have changed my password, and deleted the board they created.

I hate Dr Oz. He is a schill for crap because he needs sponsors for his show. I never recommend herbal supplements for anything.

Dr Oz is a hack who gladly promotes bullshit fake medical ideas as long as he gets paid for it.

You won’t lose weight with the wraps. The wraps are designed to help tighten tone and firm. It’s not water weight its a detox. Supplements aids in helping lose weight.

Dear dr oz fans…. there isn’t an “easy” weight loss “diet or trick” that works. The EASY way is BUSTING YOUR ASS AND CHANGING YOUR LIFE for the better. No pill does that. Working out gives permanent, healthy results. So stop feeding into it, and get up and do something if you want to Change your body.
Working out, eating right, living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Oz miracle diet is a scam

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  1. Jim says:

    I started juicing last year and have lost over 40lbs. My doctor was happy with the results. She said it’s better than these false wt. loss products(Sensa, pills patches). Give it a try.

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