Don’t go to hack website www .crazfuns. com

Elizabeths | Report Scams
6 Aug 2013

Attention www .crazfuns. com pishing attack site! I was looking in my messages and got this message telling me to go to a website and check out a video.
Here is the post::

Jose visit ->www .crazfuns. com<- i seen u in thiis viddeeo.
Salvador why are you in thiss vviddeoo, searrch ur name ->www .crazfuns. com

Please warn everyone do not open www .crazfuns. com. ignore it!!! They are hackers and It’s a virus. This website www .crazfuns. com will say its from someone on your friends list. If someone sends you this, dont go to the vid cause you will get hacked.
Don’t fall for you are in a video shit. Damn hackers!!!!!!

www .crazfuns. com is a weird,a hoax, a fraud,A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true,not real and crap website.

Don't go to hack website www .crazfuns. com



  1. Doug says:

    Ty sooo much for the warning , you’re a good person

  2. Wylane says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Had it posted on my FB page.

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