Don’t be sucked into Hulu plus scam

Nikkias | Report Scams
12 Feb 2013

Oh I am sick of these stupid things on my news feed

Free Month of Hulu Plus – Today Only!

For new hulu members only.
I became a member and then went to the offer and now I am on a list.

It went thru just fine for me, no Credit card needed. You need to choose National, I chose “other” from the drop down menu and it would not work, then chose National, and it went thru fine.It’s easier to just pick a city instead of typing in your own via zip. After I simply picked a city from the list, it went right through, waiting for the e-mail.

I don’t know I guess it’s like a waiting list?

hulu ask for your credit card info after you put in the get free code which I hate!

I use and they had the same promo…you just have to enter in your CC because they charge you if you don’t cancel immediately after 30 days

Hulu plus is such a scam,a hoax, a fraud, A snake, A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit!!!
Hate it!! DELETE

Don't be sucked into Hulu plus scam


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