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23 Oct 2013

Sorry guys. I just discovered that the link I shared to you all earlier is a scam.
It’s too good to be true. the site is this is not really true so dont spend more of your time as I wasted some of my few minutes.

I earned $305 now since I started this morning. Just click the link below and start earning for yourself. You will

get $25 bonus when you register now.

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Small task takes just 30 seconds to complete and earn 10$ per task.This is anot a scam as I myself start earning already.

Bakit di mo subukan, wala naman mawalala sa’yo. All you
need is to click the link above and register.

oh my heck already spead like hundreds of it earlier,well any ways as long as it doesnt carry any harful virus to the computer unit i guess all is well. is a hoax, a fraud,A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true,not real website.

Don’t be fooled! If you’re not sure the legitimacy of an email or a link, stay away from it. If it’s already too late and you’ve been infected with a virus or have fallen into a scam, call your local police a call. Better safe than sorry! Happy Internet-ing!


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  1. Jackan says:

    I wasted a lot of my precious time on this website.they are scammers.the account is now suspended

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