Do Not Fall Victim to Facebook World Lottery scam

Trinas | Report Scams
18 Dec 2012

Don’t get ripped off facebook friends and family if it looks to good to be true then it probably is!!!!!! i got this in my email and just finished talking to him don’t be scammed the id card photo was of a white priest and he has an asian name to deposit the money what a drongo!! thought i would share this with you all don’t be sucked in!!!

Freeman Lottery-Slash

How are you doing today?.This is a notification from the Facebook World Lottery . I wish to congratulate you about the Facebook World Lottery game that was played for you with your Facebook email. We randomly selected Facebook emails and a raffle was held. You are so lucky to win the sum of $200,000.00 USD from the Lottery game in the month of December,2012. Congratulations!!
Reply us back now so that you can have your 200,000.00$ money cash from us right away as soon as we have your Full name and address from you and your claims number
This is real and I am your claims agent. Get back to me ASAP with your claims number QLS262345W and your full name and address so that we can start your claims.
Get back to us asap.

Trina Kohunui

Are you for real? Or is one of these E Mail Scams?

Freeman Lottery-Slash

This is for real and not like other scams here online.
I have your winnings certificate here at the office as prove.

Trina Kohunui

What are you suppose to do with a winnings certificate? 200,000.00$ aint it suppose to be in front?

Freeman Lottery-Slash

Yes. The winnings certificate acts as your prove this is all real and states that you would surely get your winnings in 8 hours time after you pay for the delivery fees.

Trina Kohunui

How much is the delivery?

Freeman Lottery-Slash

Delivery fees cost $350 and then you would get your winnings of $200,000 in 8 hours after up pay for the delivery fees just like other winners here online. I give you my words.

Freeman Lottery-Slash

Here is scanned copy of my id card so you know how i look like when you see me at your doorstep few hours after you pay for the fees..

Freeman Lottery-Slash

You need to go over to western union right now and get the delivery fees sent to the details bellow.
Name……. saw Huei Chin
Address…. 15 Pandan Court, Mewah
City……. Ampang
State…… Selangor
country…. Malaysia
Zipcode…. 68000
Thank You.

Trina Kohunui

This is like those email scams i have gotten in the past from emails and you get scammed out of money and they do not send anything to you but scam you out of money!!

Do Not Fall Victim to Facebook World Lottery scam


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