Do not fall for win pch prizes scam

Jame | Report Scams
6 Jan 2013

I’m slowing down on pch, it’s really getting on my nerves, especially when they send all these notifications in the mail to sign and be sure to send your $20.00, I just won’t do that.

Someone claiming to be Todd Sloan from PCH is running a scam. Don’t buy into his crap. I just shut him down. He was my friend for about 45min. PCH requires no one to send money in order to claim prizes. SHARE WITH EVERYONE STOP THIS HUMAN TERD (SCAM)

To all who have entered any of the contests from Publishers Clearing House. Be careful of any phone calls from anyone claiming to be a representive of PCH informing you of being a winner of one of their contests. I just received a call stating that I was a winner in a 2013 drawing. I could tell it was a scam, because of the broken English accent and that they were reading off of a script. They had my address, phone # and wanted my bank account # to send the money to. I told them that wanted written conformation in the mail and they cused me out and hung up. DON`T GIVE ANY INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE. Please pass this on to your friends and relatives by phone, email, facebook or twitter. It just may save someone from getting their bank account emptied.

I checked on the PCH online (, and they informed me that they do not make phone calls to the contestants. I you were to win one of the big prizes, they show up at your door with the Prize Patrol with identification. Never fall for any other notification especially if they want information on bank accounts.

win pch prizes is a big scam


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