Deal Dash is a Huge Scam and rig

Cindy Brooks | Report Scams
24 Nov 2012

It took me all of about 24 hours of close monitoring of the DEAL DASH website to catch on to their “trickery”. After placing bids on three different items and then monitoring the largest priced item for 24 hours, I quickly noticed that Deal Dash( uses fake user identities to continuously bid against the legitimate bidders to jack up the price and make it near impossible to win. I watched the bidders list for over two hours straight, and they used the same 4 bidders to keep the auction going. Shame on them. Think about it, a $500.00 item sails for $160.00 that’s a total of 16,000 bids at 60 cents for each bid is…. wait for it… $9600.00 they made off of a $500.00 item. Need I say more… Deal Dash is rigged. SHAME ON THEM.

Deal Dash is a Huge Scam


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