Beware of US Airlines award notification scam

Jeffs | Report Scams
18 May 2013

US Airlines award notification SCAM ALERT!!

Beware of US Airlines award notification scam

This is a pretty good fake. It comes in a tear off voucher.
Take a good look. The encoding on the bottom of the “voucher” is wrong.
I think the biggest tip-off is that there’s no such thing as “US Airlines.” Well, that, and nothing’s for free.

Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Just for shiggles, I called the number and you have to visit and “take a tour” of a local travel agency – and of course “verify your demographic information” I declined to give my marital status so they “Had to give the award to my alternate” I told them to say hello to the alternate for me.

If you receive this check, do not try to deposit or cash it. It WILL come back and not only will you be out the money, but also a significant amount in overdraft fees if you try to spend it.
If your bank is good, they’ll catch it before you try to deposit it.
If not, they’ll gouge you with fees when the check gets returned.
Trust me on this.

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