Beware of I just hate RIHANNA after watching this video scam

Tashnes | Report Scams
20 May 2013

Attn:sex video of rihanna is not real and fake!!! it’s a scam & hoax to hack into facebook users accountz.

[Video] Well Damn – I just hate RIHANNA after I watched This VIDEO!!!!
WARN|NG: 18+ Content [Press Play & Watch]

I was curious whats gonna happen next after I click the link,it lead me to a video embedded on what looks like a Facebook webpage which ask me to share the video.After I shared the video,it brought me to a fake youtube page .It asked me to share Hurry Only a Few Left – Get a Costco Giftcard For FREE (limited time only) .
After I shared,I need to verify your account by do the survey.

This rihanna video thing is bulshit it’s a scam don’t even bother yourself trying to check it out because you won’t see anything there.

Facebook Scammer use Rihanna to spread their nonsense on Facebook.They’re trying to lead you into a survey scam by telling u about a video that doesn’t exist.After u follow the link, they have access to all your private info.

don’t let curiousity fool u !!!

please share to spread the word and warn as many people as possible.

Beware of I just hate RIHANNA after watching this video scam


  1. Jay Max says:

    Thanx man was almost caught by these fakes too

  2. Yza says:

    Bastards!!!!! Argh!!!!! Bitches, SOAB made me share just to watch Rihanna drive likkey dog! Argh!!!! Its all fake! Photoshopping!!!!

  3. kobi boss says:

    Thanx for leting me know…I wurld have hated my favourit artised for nothing….

  4. Terrance says:

    I already did,what I do now

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