Be careful of weird and bogus website www .TvDrops. com

Kimberlys | Report Scams
25 May 2013

Attention everyone,Looks like there’s a virus going around about Dr. Oz and some TV drops. ,just hacked with comments on your photos or messages

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I lost tenn poounndss so fast take a look at this site www .TvDrops. com

This comment is a scam!! No one visit it!!
Spam my comments about Dr oz. Lost weight Thingy.
Please delete off your post.

It's probably an app you might of given permission to post on your behalf. It usually happens when you use Facebook to sign into an application.

like an idiot, I Clicked the scam link www .TvDrops. com and takes me to an sale scam website and I was prompted to buy weight loss pill RASPBERRY ULTRA DROPS.

I'm overweight. But...I've lost 10 pounds since January 2nd. Not from dr oz drop, mind you, but from eating right.

www .TvDrops. com is a fraudulent,fraudster,Unsafe,untrue,unreal,not legitimate,rip off,Holy crap website.

Be careful of weird and bogus website www .TvDrops. com


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  1. M. Bracken says:

    Thanks for taking the time to inform the public about this scam. Sincerely, M. Bracken

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