Avoid malicious web site www .RaspTea. com

Traceys | Report Scams
3 Aug 2013

a new spam website www .RaspTea. com out there that going through messages.
Lol if you got a weird message from me saying

If you get something like this its a Virus Hacker.Do not open link…….
I lost like 18 pounds in a few weeks by taking these tasty rasp berry drops that a friend showed me. Im very excited at how well this actually worked. You should take a look. Type in this website in your browser without any spaces———–> www .RaspTea. com


Yess visitt “Rasptea. com” I shed 13 pounnds in 2weeks!

My first thought was “Video?! What video?!!!!!
That message it is commenting on all posts is annoying as f*ck.

Facebook some have got it some have not but somthing is wrong with my facebook page all of a sudden this thing talkin about i lost 13 pounds r somthing like that but if you do get it in your inbox it is not true it is a scam i do apologize if u did get it.

Its a phishing scam. you go on stupid apps and they spam your Facebook. Some lowlife asshole whom has nothing better to do hacked my shit and spammed all of my friends list. FB is on it but till they get off their asses and fix it heres your heads up.

So sorry everyone. I WAS HACKED. Ignore the messages from my account.

I have fixed things.

change email password and security questions as well. Usually that’s how they get into your Facebook, by hacking the email account you used to set it up. also, move you cursor over to the top right corner of the post, their you will see a check mark, click on the check and then click on the “I don’t want to see this, and then you`ll have options, fine the one, that says “report as spam” an click on it, the original link/ad for RASPTEA only

Just an FYI.

www .RaspTea. com is A scam,a hoax, a fraud,A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true,not real and fake website.

Avoid malicious web site www .RaspTea. com



  1. Carmrn says:

    This web site is Spam…..
    All my friends got the inbox thinking it was me.
    I already reported this site and I will take
    The extrea steps and sue the web site for

  2. Darrin Watson says:

    I just received a link to Rasp Tea.com, and said they lost 11 pounds in a week by using this. Thanks for the heads up. It was sent ti me on fb, by Donovan Whitmire, so don’t open any thing by him

  3. Kelli Shantel Towns says:

    I’m sick and tired of seeing and hearing all of my family and friends say that I have lost 16 pounds using rasp tea. It shows up fucking everywhere with my pic on it! Take that shit off of my FB! Whom ever has hacked me is fucking pissing me off! You’re bullshit!

  4. Kelli Shantel Towns says:

    If you goddamn motherfuckers do not stop hacking my fucking Facebook saying that I have fucking lost weight using rasp tea I’m gonna fucking sue the hl out of you and own your goddamn company!!!!!!

  5. Kelli Shantel Towns says:

    STOP fucking harrassing my fucking Facebook account and me!!

  6. Jeannie says:

    My friends fb was hacked, it also named Dr Oz as an endorser, I have contacted his website. Also I posted what you wrote about being harassing. I noticed they will also tag your friends, I am in on of the tagging so I made sure I marked as spam to the FB admins

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