Alert www .crushfuns. com is a virus website

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20 Sep 2013

*********www .crushfuns. com WARNING**********
If you have recieved any messages from priscilla visit ->www .crushfuns. com<- skip to 1:26 i seen u in this viddeoo this in not me!!
i repeat have not asked anyone to go to any such sight or any that resemble it.

I visited the and it took me to which is a fake facebook sign in page.

Don't visit Page got hacked.

I would like to apologize to everyone on my friends list who has received a message from me Crushfun it wasn't I that sent it !!!!!!IN downloaded CANDYCRUSH!!!!!! They sent it to all of you DO NOT OPEN!!!!! I RARELY MESSAGE on FB!!!!!!!!!!!! I do spologize on behalf of the IDIOTS!!!!!!
i apologized for the inconvenience.
This shit pisses me off!!!!! I had downloaded b4 without any problems.
my facebook account has been hacked.
i have reported the problem and changed my security settings so now i know when and where my account is logged into and from.
this is the second time i have been hacked and if it happens again i will be deactivating my account and never returning to facebook.
i never sent any messages containing a website www .crushfuns. com that i never heard of to my friends that said i saw them in a video.
somebody said the same thing to me a few weeks ago and i ignored it cause i know i am not in any videos on the iternet and now its happening to my friends and being said it was sent by me and i never sent anything like that. i became aware of the problem tonight .i haven't sent any messages out to anybody except a couple of family members recently. i have sent none out today. i am very sorry that this happened. i am about done with facebook cause of stuff like this happening. if you recieve any more messages that say they are from me but contain that website .
Do not go to www .crushfuns. com and let me know immediatly. if it keeps going on i will delete my account and be done with facebook.

i have already changed the password and will be taking further action to safe guard this account.

www .crushfuns. com is A scam,a hoax, a fraud,A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true,not real AND fake website.

Alert www .crushfuns. com is a virus website


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