a text message from vtext.com giving you a number to call your bank is a fraud and not real

Vickis | Report Scams
25 Mar 2013

I just wanted to inform all of you about a scam I encountered last night. Some of you may already have heard about this, but it’s better to tell it again, than be sorry I didn’t. I received a phone call from an unidentified caller informing me that a virus had been detected on my computer, and if I could take a little time they could help me fix it. I have anti-virus, spyware, and all of that installed on my computer. This person tried to explain to me that they were from Microsoft (even though my caller ID said Unknown Caller) and that the virus on my computer was sending out viruses to other users of Microsoft. They spoke with a thick accent, never mentioned their name and talked real fast, I guess hoping I would believe what they were saying. I realized it was some sort of scam, so I hung up on them. They tried calling me back and I would not answer the phone. Even though my software is set to do a scan automatically each day, I went ahead and ran a full scan of my computer. Of course, there were no viruses located and my computer is fine. I didn’t know if anybody else had experienced this, so I decided to share it with you in case you get a call like that. They are scammers trying to get your personal information. Later when I tried to return the phone call, the number had been disconnected. I immediately contacted my internet carrier who provides the anti-virus software, along with my internet package. No one from there had called me and my computer is fine. So just be aware of anyone trying to call you and informing you that your computer has a virus and they can help you fix it. My internet provider informed me that if a virus had been detected, my anti-virus software would have let me know immediately by placing an alert on my computer. So, everyone just be aware that this is going on and if you already have a security software installed on your computer, the caller is trying to talk you into giving them sensitive information which could result in your computer being hacked into. Repost if you want your friends and family to know about this scam, if they don’t already know, or haven’t experienced this type of scam before.

My problem is I fell for it because “someone” has been using my debit no. to steal money from my account. I had just got that straightened out, a new debit card, and I was afraid the bank was trying to warn me of fraudulent activity again. So I had to cancel my new debit card again and now I can’t get access to my account AGAIN. This someone had my old debit no. written down and was calling around using it and stole about $2000 or more before I caught it. I’ve had the worst luck lately. Now I have to call my bank on Monday and get everything started all over again. It’s like someone has a hex on me. I know who did it and the Commonwealth Attorney is going to look at my evidence next week and decide whether to prosecute.

I ran a full system scan and everything was ok. They are scams trying to get information. I knew something was wrong when they said my
“desktop”. I don’t even have one. lol

That was really weird. About an hour later, I got a text message to call my bank. It came from 276@vtext.com. That was a scam, too. So if you get a text message from vtext.com giving you a number to call your bank, that’s a scam, too. I believe it was the same people who had tried to call earlier.

a text message from vtext.com giving you a number to call your bank is a big scam

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