a new iphone5c give away scam website www.iphone5cwin.biz

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15 Sep 2013

Everyone sharing that Argos link for the new iPhone5C?!

Celebrating the launch of our new iPhone 5c we’re giving away 80 of them to some lucky people.

Want to win? Just Share this photo then go here: www.iphone5cwin.biz

Winners will be announced and messaged tomorrow evening. Good Luck!

The page has only shared 3 posts since opening!

All 3 posts are about the ‘damaged’ iPhones!

I’m calling FAKE!

Seen so many of them on here and people are so so stupid to share and like too.

just seen that Argos link shared by around 8 people at least!
Tesco. i was seeing yesterday on here.


This is a CON – it’s sharing a link where people have to do extensive online surveys, under the guise of being able to apply for a free competition to win an iphone – but the competition doesnt exist.

I want one too,so I WENT to www.iphone5cwin.biz and then it lead me to www.american-prize-center.com/Flow.aspx . Won’t let me fill out the form even though I completed all of the steps, but you have to apply and receive a credit card……so no thanks.

no amount of warning will stop these desperate individuals from grasping at these scams.

www.iphone5cwin.biz is A scam,a hoax, a fraud,A Liar,not safe,not reliable,not legit,not true,not real and fake website.

a new iphone5c give away scam website www.iphone5cwin.biz

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